‘Detective Pikachu’s’ New Trailer Gives Pokemon Fans Their First Glimpse Of Mewtwo

With the upcoming release of Detective Pikachu, Warner Bros. Pictures has been slowly pulling back the curtain on the first-ever live-action Pokémon film, teasing series fans with plenty of references, easter eggs, and nods to one of the world’s most popular franchises.

Earlier today, Warner Bros. released the second official trailer on YouTube and on Twitter, one which provides more insight into the film’s plot, characters, and — most importantly — another chance to see which Pokémon are getting the big screen treatment.

For those who are unfamiliar with the movie’s plot, here’s a quick refresher. Based on the Nintendo 3DS game of the same title, Detective Pikachu follows the story of a young man named Tim (Justice Smith), as he attempts to solve the disappearance of his father, Henry. Along the way, Tim comes across a rather peculiar Pikachu, who — for some unexplained reason — has the ability to talk.

This particular Pikachu also happens to be a world-class detective, though he can only be understood by Tim. Before long, the two set off to find out what happened to Tim’s father, and along the way, they uncover a sinister plot that poses a threat to the universe and could undermine the peaceful relationship between humans and Pokémon.

The brand new trailer sheds some light on Detective Pikachu’s crime-solving abilities, and also shows off some more Pokémon. The game’s first trailer — and other promotional material — already introduced audiences to creatures including Lickitung, Bulbasaur, Greninja, and Jigglypuff, just to name a few. This brand new trailer shows off a few more, including Charizard, Machamp, Snubbull, Snorlax, and Eevee.

In the final seconds, the trailer also shows off a rather menacing-looking Mewtwo, one which appears to be wreaking havoc at a festival or parade (judging by the oversized Pikachu balloon). Pokémon fans will undoubtedly recognize the legendary creature, who served as the antagonist in Pokémon: The First Movie. It’s not yet clear what role Mewtwo will play in the film, but it is worth mentioning that he played a central role in the aforementioned Nintendo 3DS game.

As detailed in the trailer’s description on YouTube, Detective Pikachu is being helmed by some serious talent, including a few Oscar nominees and winners.

“Directed by Rob Letterman (‘Goosebumps,’ ‘Monsters Vs. Aliens’), the ‘POKÉMON Detective Pikachu’ creative filmmaking team includes two-time Oscar nominated director of photography John Mathieson (‘The Phantom of the Opera,’ ‘Gladiator’), production designer Nigel Phelps (‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies’) and Oscar-winning editor Mark Sanger (‘Gravity’). Visual effects are by Moving Picture Company (‘Wonder Woman’) and Framestore (‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’).”

Detective Pikachu is set to release worldwide on May 10, 2019. The film stars Ryan Reynolds as the eponymous Pokémon, Justice Smith as Tim Goodman, Kathyrn Newton as Lucy Stevens, and Ken Watanabe as Detective Yoshida.

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