Colton Underwood Shares The Deeply Personal Topic He Wishes Producers Would Have Explored On ‘The Bachelor’

Colton Underwood took to Twitter and revealed that there was one deeply personal thing he wished producers of The Bachelor would have focused on more of during the show’s hometown dates, and fans seemed to agree with the reality star, who met the parents of the final four contestants on the show’s January 25 episode.

Underwood noted on the social media site he realized during his conversations with the parents of Caelynn, Hannah G., Tayshia, and Cassie that the show didn’t focus on his discussions about his faith. Underwood’s personal relationship with God is something the reality star relies on for his day-to-day life.

“One thing that isn’t shown this episode or enough was every home I was in we talked about our faith! Very special,” said Underwood on Twitter.

One fan responded to his statement.

“Well why would the producers & editors show that? It’s not dramatic enough or cringe-worthy television.”

Another explained that it was a “shame” that the topic was not explored further.

During these critical dates, Underwood found that although he felt he was “falling in love” with all three women, it was crucial for him to meet their families to get a sense of who these ladies truly were outside of The Bachelor house. This was in order to make an even more personal connection with the contestants before he made a final decision on one of the women.

Underwood faced criticism on Twitter for asking the contestants parents for permission to propose. Fans believed the concept was old-fashioned and that the women were independent enough to make their own decisions of whom they should marry. Underwood clapped back and remarked that asking for permission was part of his “values and beliefs,” adding that he hoped when he had a daughter someday the man she would marry would respect him enough to do the same thing.

During the episode, there were several bumps in the road on the way to Underwood making a final decision. People Magazine reported there were several telltale signs that things might not go as fans might have hoped as Underwood met and mingled with the families of the women.

Underwood could not clearly state if he wanted to marry Caelynn, despite getting the okay from her father. After skydiving with Tayshia and finding initial resistance from her dad, he too gave the okay for Underwood to propose if he chose to.

Colton then told Hannah G.’s father that she was “special,” leading fans to believe she might make the final two. Lastly, it was Cassie herself who seemed to be afraid to commit to Colton, and her father echoed those sentiments by not giving his permission for The Bachelor star to propose.

Later in the episode, fans were stunned to see The Bachelor star hand out roses to Hannah G., Tayshia, and Cassie, sending a tearful Caelynn home.

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.

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