‘The Masked Singer’: Joey Fatone Dishes On Who He Wants To See On The Show

The Masked Singer revealed Joey Fatone to be the rabbit during the semi-finals. The former ‘NSYNC member then opened up about his time in the costume, which one of his famous friends recognized him in, and who he would like to see step into a costume in the future.

According to Bustle, Joey Fatone delighted the judges’ panel when he revealed himself to be the rabbit in last week’s episode. Since that time, Joey has opened up about his time on the show, saying that immediately he began to get asked if he was the rabbit, even by his famous friends.

Fatone claims that his friend, Nick Lachey, had thought him to be on the show, as well as his former ‘NSYNC member, Lance Bass, who immediately knew that it was him behind the mask.

“I didn’t tell Nick specifically I was on it. He kind of asked me and I brushed him off until now. Lance [Bass] talked about it and I just kind of kept it quiet a little bit. But the minute the second episode aired he goes, ‘Dude, I know it’s you.’ They know exactly my voice, my tone and everything. So then last night Lance texts me like, ‘Yay! I can finally tell people now. I don’t have to shut my mouth anymore.’ It was funny!” Joey revealed.

Joey Fatone didn’t reveal if his other ‘NSYNC group members like Justin Timberlake, Chris Kirkpatrick, or JC Chasez confronted him about whether or not he was the rabbit. However, he did reveal that his buddy JC should totally do the show after there was a lot of speculation that Chasez was the person behind the rabbit mask.

Of course, having another member of ‘NSYNC on The Masked Singer in Season 2 after Joey’s appearance in Season 1 may make it a bit too easy for fans to guess the identity of the person under the costume.

Currently, there are only three contestants left on The Masked Singer, and all three will be unmasked during this week’s big two-hour finale. The peacock, the bee, and the monster will all compete to be the very first winner of the show, and try to keep their identities hidden until the very end.

However, all three will reveal their famous faces on Wednesday night when the show crowns its winner and sends everyone home in the know.

The Masked Singer finale will air on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.

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