Coleen Rooney’s Wedding Ring Is Back On After Husband Wayne’s Bender

For several months now, it’s been obvious that Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s marriage was struggling. The two have been together since their adolescence, when Wayne Rooney became famous for his football skills, making Coleen a focus of attention as well. The couple tied the knot in 2008. Coleen gave birth to their son, Kai, about a year later. Since they achieved celebrity status back in their teens, Coleen cleared her own path to fame on television.

However, the pair’s marriage has achieved some unwanted notoriety since they tied the knot, with many accusations that Wayne visited prostitutes. Coleen has stayed with Wayne regardless, but we’ve seen some recent signs lately that the pair’s marriage may really be suffering.

Coleen has been recently photographed running errands without her wedding ring. She noticeably removed her ring after learning that Wayne publicly partied and drank into the early morning with a blonde barmaid during Superbowl weekend, according to The Daily Mail.

In the past, Coleen made public statements about how Wayne’s drinking has affected their marriage in hopes that he would stop those shenanigans. In fact, the Superbowl Weekend incident isn’t the first time Wayne publicly partied with another woman, getting himself in trouble with his wife.

About 18 months ago, Wayne was arrested for a DUI. His alcohol level was three times the legal limit and he was driving Laura Simpson’s VW Beetle through Cheshire at the time of his arrest. This incident infuriated Coleen, and she urged him to attend rehab while also making an emotional, public statement.

“Wayne doesn’t get portrayed for the person he is in the press, he has always had a hard time,” Coleen said, according to The Mirror.

“He’s made silly and selfish mistakes, some he’s learnt from, some obviously not. However maybe that will change? In life, you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. But one thing I do know is that too much alcohol on a night out is a dangerous and a lot of stupid mistakes are made and things are said under the influence. I would never trust ANYONE who has had a lot of alcohol, it changes some people drastically.”

Much like after the incident with Laura Simpson’s car, Coleen seems to have forgiven Wayne again after learning more about his Superbowl Weekend party habits. This past week, Coleen has been photographed with her wedding ring back on after Wayne explained the incident to her and insisted he was only out partying with friends.

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