‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Cheyenne Floyd Says She Is ‘Not Devastated’ That Cory Wharton Has Moved On

Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton may have a child together, but they themselves are not currently together. While fans had hoped that perhaps the two would reunite in the future, Cory is back together with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Selfridge. How does Cheyenne really feel about the father of her baby moving on with someone else? She recently opened up to Us Weekly and revealed how she really feels about Cory moving on, and she even shared some exciting news of her own!

Talking about Cory moving on, Cheyenne revealed she is “not devastated.”

“Everyone’s been asking me about Cory and his new relationship and if I’m devastated. There’s even stories claiming I’m heartbroken. It’s actually much to the contrary. Happy for him if he’s happy, and I’m definitely NOT devastated.”

The Teen Mom OG couple have been on other MTV reality shows before they were added to the cast of the hit show. Initially, fans were skeptical of the new cast members, especially since they weren’t teens when having their first child. Despite that, fans have grown used to their story and have enjoyed watching them co-parent their daughter together. Still, fans still hoped that the couple would get back together one day. At one point, there seemed to be hope of that happening, too!

On the Teen Mom OG reunion, both Cheyenne and Cory talked about having more children together one day. Although fans had some hope, Cory moved on with his ex-girlfriend Taylor. It looks like that Cory isn’t the only one moving on, though!

While talking to Us Weekly, Cheyenne revealed that she is dating someone new.

“While I don’t want to reveal any details about them right now, as we’re enjoying keeping things private, when the time is right I will tell. But know I’m happy and moving on with my life in a positive direction. Things are working out as they should, and I’m good with that,” Cheyenne explained about her new relationship.

The latest season of Teen Mom OG wrapped up on MTV earlier this year. Currently, the network is airing brand new episodes of Teen Mom 2. However, Teen Mom OG is reportedly coming back for another season. Yet, as previously reported by Inquisitr, changes will reportedly be coming to the new season. While the whole cast will reportedly return, there may be more airtime for some of the casts’ friends and families.

An airdate for the new season of Teen Mom OG has not yet been revealed.

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