Taylor Swift May Be Hinting At New ‘TS7’ Album In Latest Instagram Posts

Taylor Swift has sent her fans into a frenzy via social media once again. The singer shared a few photos to Instagram on Sunday that eagle-eyed Swifties believe are hints at her rumored upcoming seventh studio album, TS7. The photos have stirred up a whirlwind of theories about the album on Twitter, including a few about the album’s genre.

Although Swift did not attend the Oscars on Sunday evening, she did attend Vanity Fair’s annual after-party, which served as the backdrop for one of her cryptic posts, according to E! News. The “Look What You Made Me Do” singer shared a photo of herself posing in her confetti-like golden fringe dress on a pink spiral staircase. What interested fans the most is which particular stair Swift chose to sit on–the seventh.

This post alone may not mean much. After all, it is possible that Swift only chose a random stair to pose on and it just so happened to be the seventh stair. However, fans related the photo to her previous post, also shared on Sunday, which showed a heavily-filtered Los Angeles skyline. Seven palm trees are featured in the photo, and Swift added seven palm tree emojis to the caption.

Comments are disabled on both posts, which is also a bit mysterious. However, that didn’t stop fans from commenting elsewhere. Many are still sharing their excitement and revealing their theories on Twitter.

One theory suggests that Swift has had this album planned all along, Capital FM reported.

“The Taylor on the wing of the LWYMMD [music video] is TS7 Taylor,” one user said, referring to all the different versions of Swift portrayed in the “Look What You Made Me Do” music video. “That’s why she’s in the background, waiting, she addressed her reputation, took control of her narrative and is ready for the Next Chapter in her life.”

Another person suggested that the palm trees in Swift’s first post represent her shift from country to pop music. Her first four albums, the palm trees on the left, were in the country genre, while her latest two, the two right palm trees, were pop. That only leaves the single palm tree in the middle.

“So TS7 will be in the middle of country and pop?” the user suggested.

Rumors about Swift’s latest album swirled last week as well when the singer was spotted leaving a recording studio after spending several hours there. Fans have also theorized that the album will have a mermaid theme, as the singer has dropped mermaid-related hints with her outfits since New Year’s Eve, according to Cheat Sheet.

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