Bella Hadid Does Sultry Catwalk Strut In Haute Couture Dress Through Hotel Hallway To Soft Rap Music

American supermodel Bella Hadid recently showed that she has exactly what it takes to arrest the attention of her admirers across the world, taking to popular social media platform Instagram to strut her stuff. Captured striding confidently down a hotel hallway while clad in a stunning red dress, Bella conjured up a coy, yet collected expression to deliver a perfectly professional strut as she headed off to complete her Vogue diary.

The brief bit of footage focuses on the world-famous model as she heads to work, if the caption is to be believed. White walls, white doors, and white pieces of decor all combine to provide the perfectly constructed backdrop for Bella to model her designer dress, crimson red contrasting nicely against the rest of the aesthetic. Her alabaster complexion is complimented by some dark eyeshadow, a bit of mascara, and a pretty petal-pink lip.

Her signature brown tresses are styled in a high fashion homage to the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood, a dramatic side part seeing a wave of hair sweep across her brow, while an elegant high bun and ponytail combination rounds out the back.

The bust of her strappy dress is sparkling with embellishments, drawing attention toward her flawless skin and rather delicate pendant which she has hanging from her neck.

Overtop, the soft rap stylings of Jaden Smith can be heard booming at a significant volume. The song, titled “Rollin Around,” seems as if it would fit a fashion week runway as readily as it might an illuminated dance floor at a prestigious nightclub.

In the caption of the short video, Bella refers to her crew and herself being late to finish her Vogue diary. Despite this clip being all business for her, her fans and followers seemed to appreciate the totally professional approach taken by the gorgeous style icon. Over 100,000 Instagram users awarded her haute couture look a like, while more than 600 of those users took the time to write her a personalized note in the comments section.

“Iconic AF…. you stunning as hell and baby girl when you smile,” one user wrote, followed by some flame emojis and two heart-eyed emojis. A second Instagram fan gestured towards the 1986 Chris de Burgh classic in quipping, “lady in red.”

Bella Hadid may be working, but her boyfriend — musician The Weeknd — is certainly missing her. According to Elle, The Weeknd has been leaving some rather amorous messages in her comments section, encouraging her to “bring this home.” No matter how one feels about their relationship, their love for each other seems to be beyond dispute — particularly with evidence this plain.

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