Season 5 Netflix Release Date Of ‘Luther’ Remains Unclear

It has been nearly four years since the BBC hit crime show Luther has released new episodes and fans of show are still left wondering – is a Season 5 coming?

According to PopSugar, the critically acclaimed crime drama starring Idris Elba has a huge fan base that originated in the U.K., where the show was launched. The show’s first three seasons dropped into the Netflix library back in 2014, which effectively brought it “across the pond” and in front of a U.S. audience who also received the show with open arms.

The fourth season of the show was released to U.S. streamers two years later in 2016, and while Americans haven’t had as much time to miss the show due to their late introduction to the cross-cultural phenomenon, they can’t help but wonder when new episodes are coming.

Fortunately, for American fans of the series there are additional episodes of Luther headed this way. In fact, Season 5 has already aired on BBC over in the U.K.

The show opted for a short four-episode season which aired over the course of four consecutive days from January 1st through the 4th. The newest installment was well-received by its British home audience and it’s likely that audiences here in the states will feel the same.

So, when can we expect to see the newest season drop into the Netflix library? Sadly, no one knows. PopSugar reveals BBC and Netflix have both been pretty tight lipped about the topic and have released no official date as of yet.

If you are looking for a rough estimate however, What’s On Netflix speculates a possible release date can potentially be derived from studying past launch patterns. The site notes that guessing release dates for U.K. based shows can be tricky because of notably sporadic release schedules.

However, based on the fact that Season 5 just aired at the beginning of the year, the Netflix news site believe it is likely U.S. viewers won’t get to binge the new content until 2020.

What’s On Netflix goes on to guess the reason for the long gap between air date and Netflix release is so the network can maximize their own profits on the new season before handing it over to Netflix.

The Netflix news site believes that based on past release dates for the prior seasons June or July of 2020 are the best educated guesses for a potential release date.

While it may just be a while before Netflix subscribers can enjoy Season 5 of Luther, the first four seasons are currently available for streaming.

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