Joy Duggar Proves That She Didn’t Abandon Son Gideon On His First Birthday

It appears that Joy Duggar did not abandoned her son on his first birthday after all. Fans went crazy with comments on Saturday after she posted on social media that she and husband Austin were out of town for a couple of days in Branson, Missouri. That’s when people chided her for not being with Gideon on his special day. He turned one on February 23 and some felt like his parents were abandoning him.

As it turns out, Joy Duggar made it back in plenty of time to spend Gideon’s birthday with him and the rest of the family to celebrate. The Duggar daughter posted a few photos of her little guy on Instagram, and of her and Austin as well. Gideon is seen sitting in his high chair ready to dig into his small birthday cake in front of him. It was just the right size for him to get his little hands into. It came complete with a rubber turtle on top. There were plenty of decorative cookies to go around as well. It appears that there was an underwater theme with sea creatures decorating the confections.

The Counting On stars posed with their one-year-old as proof that they did indeed make it home in time to celebrate with him. They also smothered him in kisses in another snapshot.

There were plenty of happy birthday wishes from fans. There were also a few hilarious comments from people who thought that the previous ruckus of Joy and Austin abandoning their son on his first birthday were ridiculous.

One person responded with this funny sentiment, “Phew i thought he was going to need therapy with all those comments on your last post. good thing you have these pics so he will know that you didn’t abandon him on his first birthday lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIDEON.”

The whole idea of Joy and Austin not being with Gideon on his milestone birthday bothered many and they commented saying so. Joy Duggar did respond that they were only gone for a couple of days and would be home for Gideon’s celebration.

However, it was sister Jessa Seewald’s response that gave a twist to the controversy. As previously told by Inquisitr, the mom-of-two hilariously responded saying that she thought it was crazy that people think that Joy would forget the one year anniversary of “the most physically exhausting and simultaneously most joyous day of your life.”

It looks like it all ended well and Gideon got to spend a fun evening with his family, including Austin and Joy Duggar Forsyth. The new season of Counting On will have more of the Forsyths, as well as the rest of the Duggar clan Monday nights on TLC.

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