Steve Howey Puts Sweaty Chiseled Torso On Display In Tonight’s ‘Shameless’ Episode

Shameless fans with a crush on Steve Howey – who plays the role of Kevin Ball – are not going to want to miss tonight’s episode. When a blackout knocks out the power – and air conditioning – all across Chicago, Kev turns the heat up a few notches, as he strips down to his bare essentials to keep cool.

Warning: The remainder of this article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode.

As Kev struggles to cope with the intense heat resulting from the blackout, he decides to peel off his shirt and put his sweaty chiseled frame on full display. Ball continued to flaunt his muscular build while struggling to find relief as he healed from his vasectomy.

Covered in sweat, with $500 worth of meat quickly thawing and a steak stuffed down his pants in an attempt to reduce the swelling, Kev proposes a buy-your-own plate style cook-out. His plan? To grill and sell the thawing surf and turf, with the hopes of recouping some of the money V (played by Shanola Hampton) spent on it.

Continuing to leave his fans drooling, Howey’s character pulls an apron over his toned stature as he begins to cook steak for anyone who is willing to buy a plate on the south side.

Kev and V seem to be doing a good job recouping the money they spent on the meat while watching everyone dance, drink, and eat grilled meat. Things, however, quickly take a turn when Fiona (played by Emmy Rossum) gets everyone attending the cook-out fired up, after learning that the south side was the only portion of Chicago that still hadn’t had their power restored.

With everyone riled up, the crowd started to chant as they headed toward the north side of Chicago with nothing but violence on their mind. The crowd immediately calmed to a purr when the power started to come back on for everyone on the south side. As the group made the decision to return home because of the newly-restored power, Fiona makes one last-ditch effort to criticize everyone for talking a big game before leaving.

Fiona ends up following the crowd back to the Southside before heading into the Alibi and immediately continuing to drink. After reupping her booze level, it didn’t take long for her to start lashing out at everyone in the bar, claiming she was “embarrassed” by the residents of Southside who were all bark and no bite.

New episodes of Shameless air every Sunday on Showtime.

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