Ellen Pompeo’s Husband Avoids Watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Chris Ivery is very supportive of his actress wife, Ellen Pompeo. He married Pompeo in 2007 and the couple have three children together, Sienna May, Stella Luna, and Eli Christopher. However, he prefers to support her without watching every steamy scene of Grey’s Anatomy. Pompeo reigns as one of television’s highest-paid actors, playing the leading role of Dr. Meredith Grey for 16 seasons. The show remains one of the most popular medical dramas of all time, and has won Pompeo a host of awards. Ivery couldn’t be more proud of his talented wife, according to AOL News.

On the show, Dr. Meredith Grey’s infamous relationship with Dr. Derek Shepherd led to plenty of rather erotic scenes. Actor Patrick Dempsey played this role for 11 seasons before deciding he was ready to move on. His character was killed off in a tragic car crash, leaving many diehard fans heartbroken. Nevertheless, Dr. Grey has now found love again with the much younger Dr. Andrew DeLuca. Dr. DeLuca is played by actor Giacomo Gianniotti, who Ivery actually knows personally.

Although it’s certainly not easy to know his wife participates in love scenes with another man, Ivery has nothing bad to say about Gianniotti, personally. However, he chooses not to watch these steamy scenes for obvious reasons.

“There was a time back in the day that I watched it a lot, but then I didn’t know if she had a lover. I would say I’m not jealous; I’m really confident, but it’s awkward. She’s acting but now she’s got this new lover, which I know him. He’s a great guy. I actually like him. And to be honest, I haven’t watched those scenes because I feel like it can be awkward.”

Ivery has a busy career himself, recently changing directions after 25 years in the music production industry. He recently started his own clothing line, an Italian sportswear brand called Sergio Tacchini. Pompeo is very proud of her husband’s recent success and hopes others find inspiration from it to pursue their own dreams in life.

“It’s amazing! So for anybody who feels they’re stuck, you can change your career at any age,” she said.

When Pompeo isn’t starring in Grey’s Anatomy, she and her family enjoy a fairly normal life. They enjoy taking their young children to local sports games and going on dinner dates as a couple. They say that constant and unwavering support for one another is what has made their marriage so successful.

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