‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: The Final 3 Contestants’ Identities May Be No Surprise At All

The Masked Singer finale is right around the corner, and many fans believe they already know who the final three contestants are. In fact, the fans have been right about the identities of all of the stars thus far.

According to TVLine, there is a general consensus about which celebrities are left on the show. Many fans believe that they’ve pegged Donny Osmond as the peacock, who has been wowing the judges and the fans since his very first performance.

Some of the clues that have hinted to Donny being the peacock include revealing that Michael Jackson was his close friend, and he’s been in show business since he was very young.

While the judges have mentioned celebrities such as David Hasselhoff and Neil Patrick Harris, Jenny McCarthy says she still thinks the peacock could be Donny Osmond, and that is exactly what the majority of fans have also come to believe.

Meanwhile, the bee has been a fan favorite all along. Her soulful voice had judges wondering who the obviously seasoned professional singer may be, and along the way, the clues have pointed to the fans’ pick of Gladys Knight.

The bee has revealed that she’s been singing since the 1950s, and that counts Tina Turner and the late Aretha Franklin among her close friends. She also claims to be quite the baker, which is another hint that fits Gladys. The singer also revealed that she has 10 Grammy Awards, which left the panel of judges gasping about who the bee could be.


Robin Thicke was the first judge to figure it out, claiming that he recognizes the bee’s voice to be Knight, and later guest judge, Keenan Thompson, said the same thing.

Meanwhile, The Masked Singer fans and judges have been the most divided over the identity of the monster. Clues for the monster have revealed things such as he crept out of the public eye, and that “not everyone” thinks of him as a professional singer.

He seems to have ties to both New York and the south and has made many references to swinging and playing a game. He also had a physical clue that was a headset, claiming he’s made his “best calls” from the piece of equipment.

Fans have long believed that the monster is rapper T-Pain, and during the semi-finals, he gave a clue that revealed he’s been “persecuted and vilified for sounding like a ringtone,” which fits perfectly with the rapper’s former reputation as a very auto-tuned singer.

The Masked Singer viewers can find out if the fans’ guesses about the final three contestants are right when the finale airs Wednesday night on Fox.

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