Jo Malone London Introduces Weeds & Wildflowers Collection

Fragrance company Jo Malone London is known for creating sumptuous scents out of botanicals, herbs, and flowers, but for spring, 2019, the company is introducing a whole new line based on weeds and wildflowers. Yes, weeds, but if anyone can make the most out of a weed, it’s Malone, who has turned a company she created in her kitchen into a multimillion-dollar scent empire.

Bustle says that once again, Jo Malone London is broadening the public’s idea of what a perfume should smell like, and including weeds in the name is pretty bold.

The Wildflowers & Weeds collection is a limited edition offering from Jo Malone available in five varieties in a 30 mL size. But combining things like hemlock and nettle with notes of citrus and herbs is out there, but like most collections, this one is likely to sell out.

The five offerings all sound like something found in a cottage garden, or growing wild around a stream, but somehow the fragrance wizard provides something for everyone. The scents are described as follows.

Nettle & Wild Achillea: The sting of nettle combined with the white floral scent of the achillea flower are featured in a musk base with the spicy citrus twist of bergamot (monarda flowers).

Willow & Amber: Lovers of amber will appreciate this scent which is truly unisex, a Jo Malone signature quality. Described as “smoky cashmere,” vetiver spice is the prevailing back note.

Cade & Cedarwood: The company says that this scent is reminiscent of a campfire or a fireplace on a winter’s night. Cedar and vanilla are the prevailing notes in this flexible fragrance.

Hemlock & Bergamot: While hemlock might sound dangerous, this scent is the epitome of fresh greens and springtime finished with “a modern bite” of cucumber.

Lupin & Patchouli: Perhaps the most complex scent of the bunch, the smoky herbal patchouli is a foil for the rose and citrus scent from the lupin flowers.

WWD says that the last year has been exciting for Jo Malone, who was awarded a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) medal from Prince Charles in recognition of her excellence as an entrepreneur and shopkeeper.

Malone couldn’t hide her wide smile as she curtsied and excepted the honor from the Prince of Wales.

The perfumer released a statement to congratulate all of the others who also were awarded medals on the day.

“I am so honored and overwhelmed to be receiving this incredible CBE award. Lots of people work hard in life so it’s beyond a privilege to be recognized this way. Congratulations to everyone,” she said.

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