Bruce Prichard Returning To WWE Creative Team In Top Role

While he might be better known for his on-screen role as the comedic interviewer Brother Love, Bruce Prichard worked for several years as a top creative advisor to WWE head Vince McMahon. Prichard left the company in 2008, and in recent years, has become a hugely possible podcaster, hosting a weekly show called Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, in which he tells stories about his former WWE days.

Prichard has occasionally resurfaced on WWE broadcasts as of late, even hosting a WWE network version of the podcast. Now he’s making a full-fledged WWE comeback.

Bruce Prichard is returning to WWE in a “top position on the creative team,” PW Insider reported Saturday. Prichard will work full time with the company, starting on Monday’s RAW, the report says. The 55-year-old Prichard will be “working directly with McMahon on all things creative.” It’s unclear if he will have an on-air role in the new position.

It’s unclear what the move means for the future of Prichard’s podcast, which he hosts with Conrad Thompson on MLW Radio. Not only does the podcast release new episodes weekly, but Prichard and Thompson regularly travel to present live shows, often in the city where WWE is holding big events.

Prichard first arrived at WWE in the late 1980s as an announcer and producer. He also had an on-air role as Brother Love, a parody of the television evangelists of the period. The original manager of The Undertaker, Brother Love always wore a white suit and was frequently booed by the crowd. Prichard left WWE briefly in the early 1990s, working for the Global Wrestling Federation in Texas, before returning. He then served as Vince McMahon’s right-hand man during the boom period known as the “Attitude Era,” before leaving the company in 2008.

The podcast, unlike most wrestling podcasts, never features guests, but instead features Prichard and Thompson talking about a specific topic — often a wrestler, event, or specific year in WWE’s history. During episodes, which sometimes run for over three years, Prichard punctuates the stories by doing his own vocal impressions of certain WWE figures, such as Vince McMahon, the late wrestler Dusty Rhodes, and manager Jim Cornette.

Any discomfort about Prichard having told old behind-the-scenes stories over the last several years was presumably overtaken by a desire to bring him back into the fold. At any rate, the new job will likely give Prichard a whole lot of new stories to tell.

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