Josh Hamilton Disses Texas, Says Dallas Isn’t A ‘Baseball Town’

Josh Hamilton can expect a lot of boos when he plays the Texas Rangers this year. The former MVP dissed Texas today saying that the Dallas-Fort Worth area is not a “true baseball town.”

Hamilton, who won his MVP with the Rangers in 2010, said:

“There are true baseball fans in Texas, but it’s not a true baseball town … It’s always been a football town.”

Hamilton’s diss is particular hurtful to Rangers fans for two reasons. One, Hamilton won his MVP with the Rangers in 2010 before deciding to sign with the Los Angeles Angels. And two, LA is home to the Lakers, the Kings, the Dodgers, and the Angels. The Padres, Giants, Dodgers, 49ers, Clippers, Kings (2) and Sharks are all close by. If Hamilton was looking for a town to be completely dedicated to his team LA certainly isn’t the place for him.

Hamilton was booed by Rangers fan during the American League wild-card game in 2012 (he went 0 for 4) and the jeers are likely to get louder this season.

Do you think Rangers fans will be angered by Hamilton’s comments?

We’ll only have to wait a few months to see. The Rangers will start their home season this year against the Angels on April 5.

Rangers manager Ron Washington told ESPN:

“I’m not answering anything that Josh said … That’s Josh. Josh is an Angel. That’s Josh’s opinion. My opinion is there were 3.5 million fans that came through the turnstiles. That answers it right there.”

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