‘Bachelorette’ 2019: Fans Want Hannah Godwin To Hand Out Roses

As Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor winds its way toward its finish line, fans are starting to look ahead to the next Bachelorette season. ABC won’t reveal their pick for another two to three weeks, but fans seem to be rallying behind having Hannah Godwin handing out roses if possible.

Hannah earned Colton’s first impression rose and she’s quickly become a favorite of viewers. Godwin has kept herself out of the drama that has swept up several other contenders, and she definitely shares a great deal of chemistry with Underwood.

Of course, if Hannah were to snag Colton’s final rose and be in a relationship with him, she wouldn’t be available to be the next Bachelorette for the 2019 season. However, fans aren’t going to sit back and wait to show their love for the idea of having Godwin handing out roses.

Godwin already has a solid social media following, since that’s her professional focus these days. The Bachelor star has more than 620,000 followers on Instagram, and it looks like her latest post about being sour and sweet was a big favorite. Hannah has been spending time with some besties in Florida, and she shared a couple of photos to her Instagram page showing her in an adorable bathing suit while sitting on the beach.


In the first picture, Hannah referenced being sour, and in the second, she writes about being sweet. More than 127,000 followers liked that post within the first 20 hours of it going live, and more than 850 commented on it, making it an incredibly popular post.

The Bachelor viewers clearly adore Hannah, as many of the comments noted that she’s perfect, adorable, beautiful, and the kind of girl you take home to mom. One noted that if Colton doesn’t pick her they’ll be rioting, and a common theme throughout the comments was the desire by many to see her as the next Bachelorette lead.

Could Godwin go from sour (after potentially being dumped by Underwood before the final rose) to sweet as she takes the reins and hands out roses herself? As The Inquisitr has previously indicated, spoiler king Reality Steve thinks it’s definitely possible.


In fact, The Bachelor spoilers regarding the rest of Colton’s season suggest that Hannah might soon become a clear frontrunner for the gig. The Inquisitr reveals that — at least according to Reality Steve — Hannah is facing some jaw-dropping developments before Underwood’s season fully wraps.

Will a potentially sour Bachelor elimination for Hannah Godwin pave the way to a sweet Bachelorette season of handing out roses herself? It looks like fans are very much on-board with this idea, and everybody will likely find out by mid-March — at the latest.