Theresa Caputo Ignores Ex Hubby’s New Romance By Working On Her ‘Mother Of The Bride’ Body

Theresa Caputo isn’t letting her ex-husband, or his new found romance, get in the way of her chasing the big dreams she has for herself. While the news broke that her estranged husband of 28-years had moved on from their relationship with a new woman, the reality star hit the gym to get her body “mother of the bride” ready, and shared part of her intense workout with her Instagram followers.

Caputo worked her upper body by pushing two large weights across a gym floor. Wearing all black, skintight athletic gear, the Long Island Medium showed off her toned body and strength by pushing through the workout. She topped the look off by pulling her signature blonde locks into a low ponytail, and rocking a red baseball cap — and her trademark, extra-long nails where visible in the snap.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, Theresa and her ex-husband, Larry, finalized their divorce back in December. Larry caught up with TMZ over the summer, and said that he did have a new lady-love in his life, but would “leave it at that.” On Thursday, he took to social media to share the first glimpse of the new woman in his life, and fan reaction was mixed — some were happy for the New York native, while others were sad to see their favorite reality couple go their separate ways.

On Valentine’s Day, Caputo went to dinner with her recently engaged daughter, Victoria, and showed off what she considered her “perfect man” — which turned out to be a bar of chocolate shaped like a fit male. A source close to the famous medium said that Theresa, who married Larry in her early 20’s, had known nothing beyond her life with her former husband, and was taking some time out to work on herself and her businesses, and that when the right person came along, she would be ready.

“Theresa is much happier separated from her husband, Larry. There was no big event leading up to their split, but an honest conversation that it wasn’t working any longer and it was time to move on.”

Both Theresa and Larry have both shared their excitement over their daughter Victoria’s engagement. The couple still spends time with Victoria, and their son, Larry Jr. — and keeping the family unit in tact has been a priority for the estranged couple since they split. Both Theresa and Larry took to Instagram to gush over the exciting news of Victoria and her future husband Michael’s upcoming nuptials.

Caputo has been keeping herself busy these days, touring the country to show off the medium skills that made her famous, and told E! News that there’s no bitterness during her split from Larry — they simply just grew apart.

“There is no purpose in being angry and being mad. We have over 30 years together and you just can’t forget about that. You know we still have to honor and treasure that and more importantly, respect that,” Caputo shared.

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