Piers Morgan Calls Victoria & David Beckham ‘Rank Hypocrites’

Piers Morgan, the host of Good Morning Britain, weighed in on Victoria and David Beckham, and it’s safe to say he’s not a fan of the couple. In talking about the upcoming Oscars, Morgan shared his thoughts on celebrity couples, and thinks the Beckhams are phonies.

Express says that Morgan, who will host a live Oscar’s special, started talking about famous people he “hates,” and that includes the Beckhams.

“I’ve never bought into the Beckhams thing. I think it’s a total sham.”

Morgan thinks that they are hypocrites because he says that one minute they want to be left alone, and another they are seeking attention. He says that they ask that the press leave their kids alone, and then they promote their interests.

The morning host is talking about the youngest Beckham son, Cruz, who has shown an interest in music. Both David and Victoria Beckham have shared clips of his singing on their social media accounts, and in 2016, Cruz released a Christmas song for charity.

David Beckham mentioned Cruz’s interest the last time he was a guest on GMB.

“He’s 11-years-old, he’s still at school, he’s still concentrating at school, that’s the most important thing but he wanted to give back.”

But Morgan thought that was too much, saying that the couple “pimps” their kids out.

“They’re rank hypocrites. I’ve never known any parents to pimp their kids as much as those two do.”

Morgan’s co-host said that she thinks David Beckham is charming and has been pleasant every time she’s interviewed him.

But Piers Morgan doesn’t just dislike the Beckhams as he saves a lot of his venom for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, says The Inquisitr. The GMB host has firmly taken the side of Samantha and Thomas Markle in their ongoing family feud, calling out Duchess Meghan for mistreating her ailing father.

Morgan says that Duchess Meghan calls herself a humanitarian when she doesn’t even care for her family. He says she needs to show “some damn heart” to her “loving father.”

Morgan has written columns dissing the duchess and supporting her estranged family, allowing her half-sister Samantha Markle to discuss Meghan’s childhood and what she owes her family, who were largely excluded from her royal wedding.

In his Daily Mail columns, Morgan has talked about Duchess Meghan’s first marriage, and how she was abandoning her father the way she had done the same to her ex-husband by “freezing him out.”

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