Genius Girl Scout Photoshops Shirtless Jason Momoa Onto Cookie Boxes, Sells Out

Selling Girl Scout cookies is a time honored tradition for young girls in America. Most divisions offer prizes for the girls who are able to sell the most cookies, and one little girl takes the promise of that very seriously.

Twelve-year-old Charlotte Holmberg was awarded the honorary title of “Cookie CEO” in her division last year after selling over 2,000 boxes of cookies. With that title in mind, she wanted to beat her own record from the previous year, and came up with a brilliant way to sell even more cookies this year.

According to ELLE Magazine, Holmberg figured out there is a way to get even more interest in the otherwise normal Girl Scout cookies: Paste a photo of a shirtless Jason Momoa onto the box!

You can see the appeal. To the ladies he is a gorgeous hunk with a deep tan and rippling abs (and soaking wet in the image to boot), and to the gents he is a strong and courageous superhero to aspire to. But probably more for the ladies in this instance.

She also renamed the “Samoas” cookies “Momoas” to add to the appeal. Needless to say, Holmberg quickly ran out of the 35 boxes of “special edition” cookies, with Holmberg’s mother, a marketing professional, helping her daughter to come up with the idea to “rebrand” the cookies and promoting them over social media.

“The moms are getting really excited and they’re saying that they need them!” Holmberg said.

Clearly Holmberg has inherited her mother’s marketing sense, even if it’s with a little nudge from mom.

After the success of the first run of “Momoas,” Holmberg decided that she “is no longer using the image to sell cookies – though her cookie season is ongoing.”

Of course, with her story going viral, plenty of people are still flocking to buy her cookies, and she seems to be on track to beat her record from last year with the innovative idea to use the Aquaman actor to market the products.

The world of Girl Scout cookie sales is clearly becoming quite competitive, as Holmberg isn’t the only one to have come up with creative marketing schemes to bag the top prize of late. Ten-year-old Kiki Paschall earlier this year decided to remix a popular song to help get the word out.

The budding entrepreneur had a video of herself rapping a remixed version of Cardi B’s “Money” to social media.

“Been in this game since 2014 / selling them cookies is my thing / buy Thin Mints or even S’mores / Please open up when I knock on your door… I got girls in my troop / cookies to my roof / Money!”

Naturally, Paschall’s own plan worked just as well as Holmberg’s, and she was also rapidly sold out of her own stock of cookies.

Looks like it takes something uniquely delicious these days to make a Girl Scout cookies sale!

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