Jinger Duggar Vuolo Sparks Pregnancy Rumors After Photo Of Felicity Holding Coffee Cup Surfaces

Jinger Duggar Vuolo posts a sweet snapshot of Felicity on social media, and the rumors start flying. It doesn’t take much for fans to see what they think is a hint from the reality TV family. Oftentimes, Duggar fans begin to overanalyze whenever something is said, or they “notice” hidden clues in a photo. Felicity is just seven months old, but some are already asking if her mama could be pregnant with baby number two.

What would spark the suspicions of Duggar fans that Jinger is expecting again? It all comes from an empty cup of decaf coffee and the adorable baby holding it. The mom-of-one posted the picture on Instagram a few days ago, showing daughter Felicity lying on a blanket, holding a huge coffee cup up to her mouth. Her big dark eyes are shining over the top. It looks like she is enjoying having her moment in front of her mommy’s camera.

However, it isn’t the actual cup that was the issue, but what was written on the coffee cup that had some people asking if she was pregnant again. Apparently, Jinger is drinking decaf coffee these days, as indicated by what is written on the cup. That caught the attention of fans, who had it in their minds that this was a possible sign that another Duggar pregnancy was happening.

Other fans noted that it is likely that the Counting On star is still nursing her baby girl and that is why she is drinking decaf. They also chided anyone asking if she was pregnant because of what happened with Lauren Duggar.

As previously noted by Inquisitr, Jessa Seewald penned an emotional note this past week talking about Lauren’s miscarriage last October. She had mentioned that things were very difficult for her sister-in-law. especially since people would constantly ask if she was pregnant, not knowing that she had already lost a baby. Now fans are calling for everyone to be more sensitive and stop asking if someone is pregnant.

As for Jinger Duggar, there are sure to be more babies in the future, but for now, she and husband Jeremy are enjoying some time with their firstborn. Who wouldn’t? She seems to be the highlight of the day whenever her parents post photos of her on Instagram, despite a few people who are against the ever-present bows and head wraps.

You can catch the next episode of Counting On— which airs Monday nights on TLC — to see how Jinger and Jeremy handle the first few weeks after bringing Felicity home.

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