Kellyanne Conway Chats About Kate McKinnon’s ‘SNL’ Impression And Family Life

Kellyanne Conway recently opened up about how her life has evolved since she became a public fixture associated with the White House. Conway has been involved in the political arena for years, but prior to becoming counselor to President Trump, her work stayed mostly out of the public eye. With the nonstop publicity that now surrounds her, she has strived to make the best of her current situation.

“It has changed my life because I didn’t ask for that and I didn’t expect it. It wasn’t like I hired an agent and said… ‘I want to be in a Hollywood movie,” Conway said, according to Extra.

Conway is not only a public fixture attached to Trump’s presidency, but she is also a mom of four and a wife. Conway’s husband is D.C. litigation attorney George Thomas Conway III. Her changing life in politics has also changed the way her family life operates. In fact, she discussed how her children sometimes find the chatter and gossip they hear about their mother difficult to handle.

“Well, to them, I’m just ‘Mom,’ but it’s been a little tough on them sometimes because people are very cruel and mean and think they can say anything they want, even if it’s not true, as long as it’s hurtful and snarky and goes against somebody who’s close to President Trump,” Conway said, according to Extra. “My children have had the privilege of being at the White House — they’ve met the President, the First Lady, the Vice President, the Second Lady — but at the same time, they just want normal childhoods the way they all do, and it’s my first duty to make sure that they have that.”

As for the way Kate McKinnon portrays her on Saturday Night Live, Conway shows that she does have a sense of humor and admits she finds McKinnon’s impersonations to be hilarious as well as complimentary.

“Well, Kate McKinnon plays me… she’s 15 years younger than me, so I’ll take it,” Conway said, according to the Daily Mail.

Conway’s favorite skit featuring McKinnon’s impersonation was titled “Kellyanne Conway’s Day Off.” It demonstrated Conway’s busy life as she tries to squeeze in family time, her yoga time, grocery shopping, and much more while working. Throughout the skit, she keeps getting interrupted by her job because of Trump’s tweets, so she has to keep returning to explain on television what the president means.

“When it’s in good humor… I think it’s really funny, but I noticed, once President Trump won the election which none of them were expecting, it got a little meaner,” Conway said, according to Extra.

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