Ariana Grande Lookalike Jami Alix Flooded With Comments Comparing Her To The Singer

Many Instagram users are doing a double take after who – at a quick glance – looked like Ariana Grande turned out not to be the pop singing sensation but a fashion blogger from L.A. named Jami Alix. With over 1,500 posts and over 80,000 followers, this Instagram influencer is slowly being flooded with the internet’s thoughts and opinions on her resemblance to Grande.

Some of the internet has started to “lose it” over Grande’s doppelganger, Seventeen reports.

According to her website, Alix is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who originally hails from Chicago before she felt a pull toward the allure of L.A. After becoming obsessed with all things fashion and style, she made the decision to create a blog around her passion to share it with the world.

Just yesterday, the fashion blogger referred to herself as the “flannel queen” in a post as she acknowledged the fact that people have started to compare her to Ariana Grande. In just 24 hours, the Instagram post has accumulated over 5,000 likes and just shy of 200 comments as many share their thoughts on her uncanny resemblance to the singer.

While many agreed with the fact that Jami could pass for Ariana’s twin, there were some who couldn’t see the similarities, and others who thought the style guru looked better than the singer.

“Read the article. You look so much better than A.G.! At least in my eyes for sure,” one individual exclaimed in the comments of the post.

A second chimed in, “You look more like Ariana than Ariana looks like Ariana.”

“Gorgeous shot! You look so much like Ariana Grande,” a third added.

There were even some who started to tag Ariana and said they “hope the queen” ends up following the blogger on Instagram too.

Alix was even hit with a few trolls who criticized her for trying too hard to look like Grande. The same critics urged the fashion blogger to stop trying so hard to be someone else.

In some of her Instagram posts, such as a post from a month ago where she showcased her new hair extensions, some users couldn’t help but quote Grande’s songs in the comments.

Just a year younger than Grande in age, one major difference between the blogger’s Instagram and Ariana’s is the lack of the singer’s signature high ponytail.

Just four hours ago, Ariana’s lookalike dished on her love for caramelized onion pizza as she welcomed her new influx of Instagram followers. In the comments, many were quick to point out her following would likely continue to grow as more and more people compared her to Grande.

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