Jenna Dewan Shows Off Insane Physique & Killer Dance Moves In New Instagram Video

Jenna Dewan kicked her career off as a dancer, getting her big break into the world of acting by landing the lead role in 2006’s Step Up. The movie was a hit, Dewan met her (now) ex-husband, Channing Tatum, and the actress has been a household name ever since, as well as being pretty busy. Dewan showed off those dance moves that once made her famous, and laced up her dancing shoes for a throwback video showing off those Step Up moves for a Season 2 promo for the YouTube series of the same name.

Dewan and Jade Chynoweth, star of the YouTube series Step Up: High Water, wowed fans of both the dancers with their insane moves. Both women rocked black bralettes, and distressed denim jeans, though Dewan upped the sizzle-factor by rocking a fishnet onesie over the sultry outfit. The duo mirrored each other while moving around, and reminded their followers why they are some of the best dancers in the industry.

Dewan wore her short hair straight, and tossed it around during the intricately choreographed number. She wore smoky eye makeup, and a bright pink lipstick that contrasted perfectly with her dark outfit. Chynoweth, mirroring Dewan’s look, wore her raven color hair in long, loose curls that bounced around as she twirled and showed off her serious moves.

The World of Dance host also shared some behind the scenes shots of herself and Chynoweth warming up for the full length video, which Dewan shared to her bio. In the short clip posted by Dewan. the women walked through the lines of the dance, but in a hilarious break from choreography, Dewan dropped it low and started twerking in a joking manner, before shooting the camera a wink with her tongue out.

The two Step Up actresses worked hard for the shoot, and look like they had a great time taping it, showing off some selfie-style snaps of themselves singing along to the music before flopping exhaustedly on the ground after finishing the production. Fans of Dewan went wild for the clip, and it was viewed over 481,000 times in the few hours since she posted it.

Dewan’s daughter, Everly, has inherited her mother’s high energy and ever-moving spirit. On a recent trip to Disneyland, Dewan caught an adorable moment of her daughter’s on camera, as the 5-year-old bounced around and waved excitedly at her role model, Tinker Bell. Everly rocked a fairy costume, complete with wings and a magic wand, and even wore Tinker Bell’s infamous topknot.

Fans of Dewan and Chynoweth can catch the entire video on YouTube, and, of course, can keep an eye out on their social media accounts for the next round of smooth moves from the talented duo.

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