Lily Collins Stuns With New Instagram Post

Lily Collins looks nothing short of phenomenal in a new photo posted on Instagram.

Captioned “Thursday touch ups…,” the English-American actress let fans in on a more intimate, private moment of her pampering session with the photo.

Collins is captured in the midst of getting her makeup done, while a makeup artist is towering over her lithe, petite figure. She’s trying to keep her eyelid still with her left hand, while putting on a hefty amount of black mascara with the left. The mascara wand casts a peculiar shadow on the model’s beautiful, porcelain-white skin, creating a heightened sense of drama in the photo.

Wearing nothing else aside from a delicate piece of see-through, navy blue lingerie, the model showcases her captivating features. Her exquisite, gracefully-shaped collarbones are right at the focal point at the picture, while she also allows fans to gain a good glimpse of her beautiful cleavage. Her slightly glimmering, dewy skin puts her in parallel with the figures of late renaissance portraiture; the kind of women whose beauty deserves to be captured in order to be appraised for centuries to come.

Collins’ hair was parted mid-way and combed into a slick and stylish ‘do. To complement the sleek hairstyle, to actress opted for a bold, berry-red lip, a generous touch of peachy blush, and some dark brown eyebrow liner. She chose jewelry with an expert’s eye for finesse, wearing an intricately designed pair of diamond earrings.

In recent days, the star of Les Miserables made the rounds with a flirtatious exchange with Noah Centineo. The affair took place mostly in the virtual realm, in an Instagram comment section, but this did not stop commentators from predicting the duo a bright future. As E! News vouches, both stars featured in DJ Artsy’s music video for “Save Me Tonight,” which could have been the location where the suspected relationship might have begun. MTV UK takes a similar stance in a recently published article, where they interpreted the comment exchange as the inadvertent clue for a blossoming relationship. So far, neither Collins, nor Centineo disclosed information which could prove this somewhat far-fetched hypothesis.

It’s undecided whether Collins could find her significant other on Instagram. What’s more, as a recently published article by Glamour reveals, the British actress is not the least bit fond of using apps. In fact, she is particularly skeptical about the idea of finding a partner on a dating app.

“I’ve never tried a dating app. Lots of my friends have, but it’s just that I don’t know how I would. LA is very much where I spent most of my time growing up, so I know the places I am not going to go to meet somebody and I also realize that when you’re not looking, you find it.”

For what it’s worth, the star wasn’t getting ready for a date when the Instagram post was taken.

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