Kim Kardashian Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Fast Fashion Brand For ‘Knocking Off’ Her Clothing

Kim Kardashian took to social media earlier this week to air her grievances about fast fashion brands, but her tirade didn’t stop there. The reality TV star has now decided to take legal action against a particular brand, E! News reported.

Documents obtained by the news outlet detailed Kim’s $10 million law suit against the U.K.-based company Missguided. Kim Kardashian reportedly alleges that the brand has used her trademarked name and likeness to promote their products online.

“Like other ‘fast fashion’ companies, Missguided, which sells clothing throughout the world on its website (among others), has become notorious for ‘knocking off’ the clothing worn by celebrities like Kardashian,” the lawsuit states.

It also noted that the brand “systematically” incorporates the name and the image of the beauty mogul — as well as those of a number of other celebrities — in their advertisements. The goal is likely to draw people into visiting its website, and browsing their products.

This method is one of many ways that companies such as Missguided have “leveraged” the star’s fame and wide social media following “without her consent,” therefore making her “an unwitting and unwilling spokesperson of their products,” the lawsuit said.

In a statement issued to E! News, the brand stated that they had yet to be notified of any legal action against them, but that “in any event any action based on online banter would be meritless.”

“Missguided shoppers know the score — We’re about the celeb look, for people without their bucks. For the record, as much as we love her style, we’re not working with Kim on anything,” the statement said.

Kim’s lawsuit comes just days after she took to her Twitter account to put fast fashion companies on blast for making a profit off of the original work and ideas of true designers, including her husband Kanye West.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star referred to a particular one-of-a-kind vintage Mugler dress she recently wore, one that quickly showed up on the storefront of an undisclosed website. The clone garment, she noted, was not even available for purchase yet — but rather required potential buyers to add their name to a waitlist until it was ready. This was a move which she said not only grew their mailing list, but also insinuated that there was a relationship between her and the brand.

Kim also pointed out the issue earlier this month in an Instagram post, one that captured her wearing a gold outfit designed by Kanye that she opted not to wear during a vacation last summer in Miami. In the caption, she asked that fast fashion brands refrain from knocking off the gown until she actually wore it out.

It appears, though, that her request was ignored. Fashion Nova quickly created a similar look.

Missguided also created a version of the look, though E! News noted it appears that copies of Kardashian-inspired outfits have been removed from the brand’s social media accounts.

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