A ‘Golden Girls’ Cruise Is Scheduled For 2020 And Yes, There Will Be Cheesecake

A Golden Girls Cruise will set sail in 2020 and yes, there will be cheesecake involved for fans of the beloved 80s and 90s series. The former NBC series, which depicts the lives of four women living together in a retirement community in Florida, has become classic viewing for those looking for a laugh and some feel-good television.

CNN reported that the cruise, which has been confirmed to set sail from Miami, Florida, with stopovers at Key West and Cozumel, Mexico, will set sail in the winter of 2020.

The cruise comes from the folks at Flip Phone, who came up with the idea of a cruise that celebrated friendship and family. Called “Golden Girls At Sea,” it will set sail on the Celebrity Infinity and will feature, according to the site, a Caftan Sail Away Party with Cheesecake, a karaoke party, trivia games, a “shady pines” craft corner, stage shows, a bar crawl, “Dorothy’s bingo,” and a costume contest.

This ultimate Golden Girls experience will be a must-do event for fans of the four-time Emmy winning series, which ran from 1985-1992.

The idea came from Chad Kampe, a party promoter from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He said in an interview with Hornet of the idea, “As a child, I used to watch The Golden Girls with my grandmother, who lived outside of Miami. After two successful Golden Girls Bar Crawls in Minneapolis — where we had over 1,100 people each time — I knew I wanted to create a new and unique experience for Golden Girls fans.”

“The Golden Girls fandom is large and diverse. I believe everyone can relate to the show’s message of love, acceptance, and cheesecake,” Kampe explained.

Originally broadcast on NBC, the show centered around the straightforward characters of Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Blanche (Rue McClanahan), Sophia (Estelle Getty), and Rose (Betty White), four women who lived together in Florida learning to rebuild their lives as older, single women while attempting to find their true selves in the process. The show celebrated family (Sophia and Dorothy were mother and daughter) and pushed forward the idea that sometimes friends can be as much your family as your blood relatives.

Some fast facts about the series that you may not have known. Prior to their work on The Golden Girls, McClanahan and Arthur worked together on the groundbreaking 70s series Maude. The Huffington Post reported that Arthur actually hated cheesecake, despite the fact that over 100 of the desserts were consumed during the show’s run. The site also noted that Betty White was originally cast in the role of Blanche, due to her work as the hot-to-trot Sue Ann on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and that Estelle Getty had stage fright during live tapings of the series.

Reruns of The Golden Girls air on The Hallmark Channel.

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