Will River Song Ever Return To ‘Doctor Who’? Alex Kingston Discusses The Likelihood

Ever since Jodie Whittaker took over as the Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who, fans have been wondering if a reunion with River Song (Alex Kingston) will occur. While River Song has been delegated to the Library after sacrificing herself, considering this is a TV series about time travel and the marvels of science fiction, there is also the potential that fans haven’t seen the end of this character yet.

For the actress who plays River Song, Alex Kingston, the prospect of returning as the wife of the Doctor is one she relishes, according to Radio Times.

“I love the character, and I think that, my gosh, there are wonderful potential opportunities down the road. But it’s not my decision.”

Kingston met Jodie Whittaker during the San Diego Comic-Con last year and admits she did bring up the prospect of River Song meeting the Thirteenth Doctor. However, the actress did not reveal what Whittaker thought of the possibility.

And, as to how she thinks River Song would react to the Doctor being a woman, Kingston reveals that River would be fine with it.

“The fact is, because they’re all the same person ultimately, I don’t think she would think of her any differently to any of the others in a way,” Kingston said.

She also pointed out that prior to marrying the Doctor, River Song had previously been wedded to Cleopatra. So, the prospect of being married to a woman with the latest regeneration of the Doctor is likely not something that will even cross her mind as anything other than normal as far as Alex is concerned.

While River Song may be okay with the fact that the Doctor is now female, initially, some fans were hesitant with the idea. However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, after Season 12 of Doctor Who premiered, the ratings showed that the latest season was up 47 percent in total viewership, making Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor the most popular. Of course, Jodie wasn’t the very first introduction of a Time Lord regenerating as female.

For fans who are desperate to see a River Song reunion with the Doctor, they will have to wait until at least 2020 when the next season of Doctor Who premieres. However, as Alex Kingston points out, while she hasn’t yet signed on for River Song’s return and there are currently no negotiations underway regarding the character’s return, she is certainly excited about the prospect.

“Oh listen, I’m always at the end of the phone,” she told Radio Times. “We’ll see.”

Doctor Who Season 12 is set to premiere on the BBC in 2020.

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