‘The Masked Singer’: Who’s Going To The Finale After Double Unmasking?

The Masked Singer is officially down to its final three contestants, and their identities are still very much up in the air.

According to Entertainment Tonight, The Masked Singer had a double unmasking during this week’s semi-finals, sending two stars packing and pushing three more on to next week’s big finale.

In that finale, viewers will watch the peacock, the monster, and the bee fight to be named the first-ever champion of the show. During the semi-finals, each of the remaining contestants wowed the fans and the panel of judges to earn their spots in the finale.

The peacock was the first performer to take the stage in the semi-finals. He song Calvin Harris’ tune, “Let’s Go,” and judge Robin Thicke called it his “best song” to date. Later, peacock tells Thicke that he used his song, “Blurred Lines,” as an inspiration on one of his albums. Robin then revealed that he believes the peacock could be none other than the most famous parody artist of all time, Weird Al Yankovic.

Meanwhile, judge Nicole Scherzinger said that she picked up on a mannerism that she recognized, and asked the peacock if they knew each other, which he confirmed that they did. Then she threw out Neil Patrick Harris’ name, although the clues don’t exactly match up for the famous actor.

Jenny McCarthy reveals that she believes the peacock to be Donny Osmond, which most fans believe to be true, as each and every one of the clues seems to match up with the singer.

The newest clues given about the peacock reference more magic and hints that he was or is an “idol,” which would refer to Osmond’s former teen idol status towards the beginning of his career.

The Masked Singer also sent the monster through to the final round. During his performance of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” both Jenny and Nicole teared up.

The newest clues for the monster reveal that he had to do some “soul searching,” and that he’s wanted a comeback such as the show for “a decade.” He also continued to reference games and being a player.

However, the judges seem more confused by his identity than ever, throwing out names such as CeeLo Green and Darius Rucker. While the monster is giving fans the hardest time guessing, many believe that rapper T-Pain could be the man behind the mask.

The Bee also wowed the crowd as she sang, “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman,” by Aretha Franklin, whom she called her “friend” in the clue package. Bee also went on to say that she didn’t like being behind the mask because she couldn’t interact with the crowd.

During her clues, she circled back on her love for baking and has Robin Thicke and guest judge Keenan Thompson sure that it is Gladys Knight under the costume.

The Masked Singer finale will air Wednesday night on Fox.

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