Kailyn Lowry Is Filming For ‘Teen Mom 2’, Talks Feud That ‘Never Ends’ With Jenelle Evans

Although the girls of Teen Mom 2 star on the same show, that doesn’t mean that they necessarily get along. Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans have had a long-running feud and, according to an interview Kailyn did with Hollywood Life, it doesn’t look like Kail sees the feud ending anytime soon.

Kailyn has a podcast, Coffee Convos, with Lindsie Chrisley. Lindsie suggested that Jenelle has been “the worst” since the start of the podcast saying, “I want to say Jenelle has been the worst since we started the podcast.”

Kailyn agreed and explained why she thinks that is by saying, “I think because things happen in real time, and then we recap it on the podcast, and so [Jenelle and David] constantly think that we’re always talking about them. And then it seems like the feud never ends.”

Lindsie, who pointed out that she doesn’t even know Jenelle and David, says she has them blocked on her social media accounts.

The feud between Kailyn and Jenelle has been going on for a while. Last year, Kailyn reached out to Jenelle and sent her a gift. However, Jenelle didn’t take too kindly to the hair care products that Kailyn sent from her own line and filmed herself setting them on fire. From there, the feud only worsened.

Jenelle and her mother, Barbara, have had a tumultuous relationship, but recently started to mend things. Aside from filming together for Teen Mom 2, the women also spent a weekend away. While away, Jenelle went on Instagram Live and, while on Live, Barbara made a comment about “killing” Kail. Kailyn was not happy about the comment and, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, revealed that she would not be filming for Teen Mom 2 “until further notice.”

According to the Hollywood Life article, though, Kailyn has resumed filming for the show. However, she did take a break for “a few weeks” after the incident with Barbara occurred.

After the incident, Jenelle spoke to Hollywood Life and revealed that she thought Kailyn was “overreacting,” saying, “Kail went straight to the media and complained some more to our producers. I think she is overreacting and knows my mom’s personality. I’m sure everyone can understand my mom’s personality and mixed with when she’s had a couple drinks, she’s just more outspoken.”

Although the two may not be getting along, new episodes of Teen Mom 2 are currently airing on MTV on Monday nights. Fans can catch up with both Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans as well as their families. Fans can also listen to Kailyn and Lindsie’s Coffee Convos podcast.

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