Idaho Teenager Made $35,000 Plowing Snow While Visiting Seattle

If you’ve ever lived up north, chances are, you’ve had to contend with shoveling snow at some point or another. In the winter months, removing snow from driveways and sidewalks can become a daily chore, and for some, it has to be done multiple times a day.

Over the years, the arduous task has been made easier with the advent of more affordable snow blowers, though nothing makes the task easier than a good old-fashioned snow plow. For those who have a sturdy and large enough vehicle to attach one to, clearing snow using a plow can cut down the time required to mere minutes, if not seconds. In fact, offering snow plow services has become a popular option for those looking for a side hustle — the practice was even popularized by the classic The Simpsons episode “Mr. Plow.”

One Idaho teenager seems to have been struck with an entrepreneurial spirit and was able to make quite a bundle while visiting the snow state of Washington. As reported by CNN, David Holston was able to make $35,000 during a trip to Seattle.

Holston, 18, normally works as a landscaper in the small city of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Aside from landscaping, David also plows snow in his home state. Recently, the teenager spent some time in Seattle, Washington, where he was visiting his mother, who had recently undergone surgery, and was recovering from the procedure.

While he was visiting his mother in the hospital, one of David’s friends reached out and gave him a lucrative idea.

“I was in the hospital when my friend Steve called me and gave me the idea of bringing my plow truck to Seattle,” Holston recounted.

The very next day, David set up an advertisement on Craigslist, offering to plow snow in the city. As CNN notes, Seattle had recently had the “snowiest February in 70 years.” Shortly after posting the ad, Holston received an offer for $1,000. He was planning to be in Seattle for his mother’s birthday, so he decided to bring his snow plow back to Washington.

“After the [birthday] party, I hit the road with jobs lined up until midnight. All during that time, I was answering my phone and adding new customers to my snow route for Monday,” Holston explained.

After working for four days, Holston was able to make $35,000, working at hourly rates ranging from $500 to $750. As CNN details, David plans to donate 20 percent of the income to his church. He also plans to purchase new lawn equipment and will save the rest of the money to use as a down payment on his first home.

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