Maja Radanovic Weight-Loss Update: Social Media Pictures Give Hint Of Transformation After ‘My 600-LB Life’

Maja Radanovic came to My 600-LB Life in desperate need of a life change and some major weight loss, and some new social media pictures reveal that she may have found it.

Radanovic was featured on the TLC docu-series this week, giving viewers a glimpse of the series of traumatic experiences that led her to weigh 600 pounds. As Newsweek noted, Radanovic suffered the same troubled upbringing that so many others on the show, with parents who ridiculed her for her weight — abuse that led her to a lifetime of overeating.

While TLC has been light on updates for Maja before the episode of My 600-LB Life aired, there are some signs on social media that she is making progress. As Newsweek noted, Maja Radanovic’s Facebook page shows that she has now relocated to Conroe, Texas, which is just 48 miles out of Houston. This season, many of those featured on the show have actually been relocating to work directly with the Houston-based Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, the weight-loss expert featured on the show. While the sample size is still small, those who have relocated to Houston appear to have seen greater success in their weight-loss journey.

Maja also has some extra motivation in her desire to have children with her boyfriend, Christian. As Monsters and Critics noted, doctors told Maja that she needed to lose a significant amount of weight before pregnancy would be safe, and through the episode of My 600-LB Life Maja was forced to push herself through uncomfortable and sometimes painful situations, like a long trek through the airport during her journey to Houston.

There are some major setbacks along the way as well, including Christian’s departure during the episode as the frustration and pressure became too much for him.

“The blow of Christian’s abrupt departure poses a significant challenge to Maja’s weight loss journey, and pits her face-to-face with her tendency to binge-eat as a mechanism of emotional escape,” the show noted it its official synopsis of the episode.

“But Dr. Now assures her, if she can make it on her own, without Christian, there will be no greater affirmation of her strength.”

Those hoping to find more weight-loss updates from Maja Radanovic after her My 600-LB Life appearance — including weight-loss pictures — can check back to TLC’s official page for the show after the episode has aired. The network regularly adds progress pictures on the episode page, though these normally don’t show up until the day following the episode.

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