‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Goes Public With New Girlfriend

Ben Higgins is now Instagram official with his new girlfriend, a woman named Jessica Clarke, according to E! News.

Since January, Higgins has been teasing his fans about a new relationship he entered into with someone, only ever revealing that it was a long-distance relationship. Up until now, he wouldn’t reveal who she was or anything about her for fear of the media finding out and prying into the budding relationship.

Even his friends wouldn’t leak the news about the mysterious woman in his life, following his wishes to keep the news on the down low. All anyone in his inner circle would say is that he seemed to be extremely happy with her.

Higgins’ co-host on his podcast, Ashley Iaconetti, said that they were “going back and forth on flights to see each other” and that she hadn’t met her yet.

Apparently, it’s going well as the Bachelor alum is now willing to make their relationship public to the world.

Clarke seems very excited about the relationship and going public according to her latest Instagram post.

“My secret boyfriend, Ben! He has one of the biggest hearts and kindest spirits, I got to share Honduras with him this past week and I’m excited for many more adventures!”

What’s known about her has been culled from her social media accounts and posts by intrigued fans. It doesn’t appear she has been in the limelight prior to this Instagram reveal, though that is rapidly changing as fans become obsessed with Higgins’ new girl.

It’s no doubt an intimidating prospect to come forward about your relationship with someone famous, especially one with the attention that Higgins has, and it speaks volumes about their bond to each other so far.

Fans’ reactions to the news have been mixed, but many are pleased with the announcement and seem to have developed a liking towards Clarke. Those fans that seem upset about the new relationship largely have nothing personal against Clarke; it appears to be more of a disappointment that Higgins is now off the market.

It’s likely that as the relationship continues on with press and media attention that new details about Clarke and her relationship with Higgins will come forward.

Based on an Instagram post in March 2018, it seems that Clarke is a very religious person with a large heart.

“..thank you to everyone who supported me with prayers and financially as I got to travel to Italy to spread some Jesus. I realize now how small I am and how big God is and that is the greatest and most humbling takeaway.”

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