Best-Selling Author Anthony William Believes In A Connection Between Weight Gain And The Liver

Anthony William, a New York Times best-selling author, rose to fame by using his gifts as a medical medium to assist individuals with developing a healthier lifestyle. William, over the past two decades, has been employed as a spirit guide and health counselor for a wide variety of clients. Some of his more famous clients and fans include celebrities like Robert De Niro, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Naomi Campbell. Part of his notoriety arose from his ability to help people get over sicknesses they were not aware they had even contracted.

William recently spoke out about the connection between a person’s liver and increased weight gain, a topic he covered in his latest book titled Liver Rescue. William attributes slow liver functions as a hidden, major cause of increased weight gain. He also feels that cleansing the liver and keeping its functionality healthy can help improve many common health issues like acne, diabetes, and much more.

“When you’re helping the liver, you’re really changing what’s happening inside the body,” William said, according to Extra. “[Liver cleansing can help with] eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, gout, acne, high blood pressure… and this is just a handful.”

William feels that if a person’s liver functionality slows down, this leads to increased weight gain. While many people feel weight gain is about metabolism, William says that a slow metabolism is just a part of the problem. A person’s metabolism can slow down because that individual’s liver is becoming sluggish, and a slow liver often creates a decreased metabolism.

Also, making sure a person’s liver is functioning productively is about doing more than just staying away from alcohol. While staying away from alcohol and other types of toxins helps cleanse the liver, if an individual is trying to increase the liver’s production levels, then he or she needs to avoid what William calls “troublemakers” and eat a healthy diet.

“Troublemakers are toxins that are inside people’s livers. Colognes, perfumes, air fresheners, aerosols all end up in the liver. Makeup, cosmetics, all end up in the liver. The liver gets overburdened and it gets taxed, and it starts to weaken and get sluggish,” William stated, according to Extra.

William also shared several foods that can help a person’s liver, and create a better overall feeling of health, according to Extra. William recommends celery juice, which helps improve many potential health issues, and wild blueberries, which are full of potent antioxidants to aid the body with its recovery.

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