Katharine McPhee Takes Swipe At Bernie Sanders On Twitter: ‘Accept Your Runner Up Status’

After weeks of speculation about his plans for the 2020 election, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders officially announced his candidacy on Tuesday, February 19. The news was met with a myriad of reactions ranging from excitement and joy to criticism from people throughout the country, including former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee, who Fox News reported took to her Twitter account to offer up her own thoughts on the newest presidential hopeful.

“Somebody tell a certain *bro* running that sometimes you need to accept your runner up status and move on,” the 34-year-old starlet wrote on Tuesday night.

“I’d know,” she added, referring to her own runner up status on American Idol, which she lost in the Season 5 finale to Taylor Hicks in 2006.

Sanders lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton in 2016, and while McPhee’s tweet never directly mentioned the Vermont senator, the context of the post coupled with his entrance in the 2020 presidential race all but confirmed the swipe was directed towards him.

Katharine’s post was met with a range of responses, with some replying with GIFs to express the humor they found in her sassy jab. Meanwhile, others took it a little more seriously and pointed out that by her logic, Hillary Clinton should have given up after her loss for the Democratic nomination to former President Barack Obama in 2008.

The Waitress star’s sentiments seemed to somewhat align with those of President Donald Trump’s who, as the Inquisitr previously noted, told reporters yesterday that while he wishes the candidate “well,” he personally thinks Sanders “missed his time.”

Despite the negativity from McPhee and Trump, Sanders is already doing hot in the polls and has been even before officially announcing his entrance into the 2020 presidential race.

According to the Hill, a new University of Massachusetts Amherst poll released on Wednesday, February 20 shows the 77-year-old Independent as one of the top contenders for the Democratic nomination after receiving the vote of 20 percent of Democratic voters and Democratic-leaning independents. The only choice that topped the Senator was former Vice President Joe Biden, who received 28 percent of the vote, though he has not yet declared a bid in the 2020 election.

The results of the survey suggest Bernie Sanders is a clear front runner among those that have officially entered the race thus far, including California Senator Kamala Harris who received 14 percent of the vote, earning her third place in the poll overall and second behind Sanders.

And though Sanders does not appear to have the support of McPhee, he will likely be endorsed by a number of other famous faces just like he was during his 2016 campaign. According to Bustle, Emily Ratajkowski, Seth MacFarlane, and Sarah Silverman were only a few of the slew of celebrities that were “feeling the Bern” throughout the last presidential election.

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