Samsung Unveils Foldable Phone, Galaxy Fold Will Retail For $1,980

After plenty of speculation and anticipation, Samsung has finally lifted the curtain on their foldable phone. The company had teased the product back in November of 2018, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

The South Korean multinational conglomerate unveiled their first foldable phone at the Galaxy Unpacked event earlier today, reports the Verge. The foldable smartphone, aptly named the Samsung Galaxy Fold, will launch later this year on April 26.

Unlike most premium smartphones — which retail between $800 and $1200 — the Galaxy Fold will command a even greater premium, and will set early adopters back $1,980. As the Verge notes, Samsung will be launching separate LTE and 5G versions, though as of yet there are only a handful of locations within the United States that currently support the 5G wireless standard.

As Lifewire explains, Verizon currently offers 5G broadband internet in Houston, Sacramento, Indianapolis, and Los Angeles, California. On the other hand, AT&T rolled out 5G to a handful of cities towards the end of 2018, including Jacksonville, Louisville, New Orleans, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta. European customers who are looking to pick up the Galaxy Fold will have to shell out a little more — and wait a little longer. The European release date is set for May 3, with a retail price starting at 2,000 euros, which comes in at a little more than $2,250.

The newly-announced foldable phone rocks some impressive technical specs. Samsung is making use of a new 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display. This OLED display is what gives the device its ability to fold and fit inside a standard size pocket. The primary display has an aspect ratio of 4.2:3 (QXGA+), and has a native resolution of 2152 by 1536. When the device is in its folded position, a smaller 4.58-inch screen is used, with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a resolution of 1960 by 840, as noted by Ars Technica.

For storage, Samsung is using 512 GB of Universal Flash Storage 3.0. The Galaxy Fold will be fitted with 12 GB of RAM, and a Qualcomm 7nm Octa-core processor. The Galaxy Fold comes with two built-in batteries, which are separated by the hinged portion of the phone. Together, the batteries have a combined capacity of 4,380 mAh.

Because the phone can be used in a handful of orientations, Samsung has outfitted the device with a total of six different cameras.

“Samsung says there are six cameras in the device in total: a 10MP camera above the smaller screen, three rear cameras — a 16MP ultra-wide camera, a 12MP wide-angle camera, and a 12MP telephoto camera –on the back of the ‘cover,’ and both a 10MP selfie camera and an 8MP RGB depth camera in the notch above the larger display,” Ars Technica notes.

Premium phone enthusiasts won’t have to wait long to get their hands on Samsung’s first foldable phone.

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