Meghan Markle Urged To Stop PDA With Prince Harry

While most people wouldn’t think twice about holding hands with their spouse — or touching them in public — if you are a royal, it’s just not done. A family lawyer and relationship expert is going on the record to tell the Duchess of Sussex that in public, she needs to keep her hands to herself. Said expert advises Markle not to seem so familiar with Prince Harry.

The Express reports that Duchess Meghan has been told to stop with the PDA, and now relationship expert Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart wants to pass along some “heartfelt” advice, telling the duchess that she needs to fall in line.

Mackintosh-Stewart says that Markle’s hubris is overshadowing her good works and patronage, and she would be received more favorably if she would follow the rules, including the one against holding hands and touching in public. She says that Meghan continues to ignore this rule “to the irritation of many.”

Whether it’s about cultural norms or flaunting the rules, the relationship expert says that it would only help her to make an effort.

“The old-fashioned British value of humility is not Meghan’s strongest suit and reports of her financial extravagance have grated on the public. This image is overshadowing Meghan’s extensive charity work and her patronage of the Grenfell Tower cookery book in September. Modesty can translate to quiet authority and this is a powerful tool for winning over the public.”

And yet, nobody is coming down hard on Prince Harry, who is often seen with his arm around his wife. Neither the Duke of Sussex nor the Duchess of Sussex is being called out for anything distasteful, so perhaps it comes down to the differences between being American and being British?

While this British relationship expert talks at length about the embarrassment of watching Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry holding hands, Cosmopolitan talks about getting the feels from watching the royal couple enjoy each other’s company. Recently the two were photographed walking through the snow in Bristol — laughing, holding hands, and touching each other while talking — and it was likened to a Hallmark movie or an aspirational rom-com.

Markle was saying hello to a group of preschoolers, and called Prince Harry over to say hi to the cute crew, who were all holding British flags.

The duchess waved him over, and as he bent down to say hello and to shake hands with the children, Markle knelt down and rested her hand on his back. Cosmopolitan swooned over the moment.

“Their hand hold! Her hand on his back! It’s all too much!”

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