‘General Hospital’ Teaser: Shiloh Continues His Manipulation, Even Has Margaux Under His Spell

General Hospital spoilers had indicated that District Attorney Margaux Dawson would overshare on Wednesday, and she sure did. Unfortunately, it was to the wrong person. Shiloh, leader of Dawn of Day, has apparently taken Port Charles by storm. He has somehow gotten half of the town under his spell, even Margaux, it seems.

Yesterday’s episode had Shiloh being captivated by Sam, Kristina making an loan offer to Michael so she can take more DOD seminars, and the D.A. spilling all about Drew’s flash drive. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central suggested that Sam’s curiosity is piqued, but it may just get her into trouble. This all centers around this guy whom people are starting to eerily worship.

Margaux Dawson is one of them. She had no problem chatting away to Shiloh on betraying a friend’s trust. The leader quickly realized that she was talking about Drew. He then discovered that there is a flash drive out there with Drew’s memories on it. Margaux blabbed that she gave it to Drew, but she is sure that he won’t be using it any time soon, if ever.

This made Shiloh squirm a bit and also puts Drew in danger. There is something that went on in his and Drew’s past that he doesn’t want known. As Drew told Jason on Tuesday’s show, he is pretty sure that Shiloh was relieved when Drew told him that he couldn’t remember anything from his past. That was a red flag, which is why he went to Jason to find out what game the guy that is supposedly from his past is playing.

Now, it’s likely that Shiloh will do what he can to retrieve that flash drive from Drew. Spinelli found out that this guy has a dangerous past and he is apparently good at manipulating people into doing what he wants them to do. He takes advantage of the more vulnerable with a messy past. However, Drew isn’t one of those, so he will be doing more digging to find out what Shiloh is up to.

Sam and Jason are also digging. Sam is about to go away with Shiloh and Jason isn’t too happy about it. It appears that Drew is in on the gig now as well. What is Shiloh trying to hide? It looks like everything is right there on that flash drive that is now in the possession of the person who could blow it all up if he chooses to get his memories back.

Margaux’s complete trust in the Dawn of Day leader has likely put Drew in jeopardy. Stay tuned to General Hospital to see how this all plays out.

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