Doug Davidson And Victoria Rowell Tearfully Remember ‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Kristoff St. John

The death of The Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John on Super Bowl Sunday rocked the world, and his loss devastated his family, loved ones, friends, co-stars, and fans. As soon as the news hit, people everywhere expressed their sorrow at his passing as well as shared beautiful memories of the Daytime Emmy winning actor.

Within days, Y&R aired a short tribute, and the Inquisitr reported that CBS and Sony announced a storyline for his character Neil Winters and St. John, which will air in late April. Both Doug Davidson, who portrays Paul Williams, and Victoria Rowell, who portrayed Neil’s great love and wife Dru, appeared on Steve Harvey to share their memories of their beloved friend and co-star.

First, Rowell sat down alone with Harvey and discussed her time on the show with St. John and how together they became one of daytime’s super couples. Rowell said she experiences waves of grief since her former co-star’s untimely passing. According to Rowell, and many others who knew him well, St. John was among the most authentic people she’d ever known. She also took time to acknowledge the grief that fans throughout the entire world feel in the wake of his passing. Rowell told loyal viewers that the late actor loved them.

She lightened the mood a bit when Harvey asked how they created such great on-screen chemistry. Rowell’s answer — “he was a good kisser.” The answer elicited laughter from the audience and a bit of discomfort from Harvey. Rowell also recalled about how excited she and St. John felt during their celebrated daytime wedding, which she said the production pulled out all the stops for.

Later, Doug Davidson appeared on the show beside Rowell, and he teared up for a moment discussing the legacy that St. John left for his family, friends, and fans. Davidson remembered how he and St. John had children at the same time, and how close that shared experience brought them.

Davidson recalled that St. John was always full of love no matter what the circumstance, and he revealed that St. John remained a supportive friend throughout anything. Harvey pointed out how soap opera cast often become close like family because of the amount of time they spend together during long work days.

Ultimately, Davidson said that St. John felt like his son Julian’s death in 2014 was a failure, and the late actor could not move past the heartache the situation caused. Many believe that the beloved actor died of a broken heart.

Rowell summed it up when she said, “He was great Steve. He had an amazing effervescence about him that everyone appreciated. No matter where he worked, no matter what the circumstances he just could walk with kings and with paupers.”

Davidson elaborated, “if you were uncomfortable and saw his face everything was cool.”

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