NASCAR’s Ryan Blaney May Have Spoiled The Opening Month For ‘Star Wars’: Galaxy’s Edge At Walt Disney World

It’s going to be a huge year for The Walt Disney Company for many reasons, but the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on both coasts is gigantic. For Disneyland, the new land will open sometime in June, but we know nothing more than that. As for Walt Disney World, there are a lot of rumors flying around, but all that has been confirmed is “fall 2019.” NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney is likely going to be there for the opening, and he may already know when it’s happening.

Not too long ago, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that Disneyland’s version of Galaxy’s Edge would be opening in June. It’s always been known that the West Coast version would open first, but an exact date is still not known.

On Christmas day of 2018, Disney changed the opening season for the version in Hollywood Studios from “late fall” to just “fall.” That actually broadens things a bit more and didn’t necessarily help guests in their guessing at the opening, but as the Inquisitr detailed, there are a lot of things weighing into when it will make its East Coast debut.

With hurricane season and normal construction delays, it’s hard to determine when Galaxy’s Edge may open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Honestly, no one may actually know, but NASCAR driver, and Star Wars superfan, Ryan Blaney may have let something slip this past weekend.

This past weekend, a number of NASCAR drivers were in Central Florida for the Daytona 500, and many of them went to Walt Disney World the day before the race. Blaney is a self-professed Star Wars fan and he loves all of the movies which have him excited for Galaxy’s Edge.

The official website for Ryan Blaney did an interview with the driver where he talked about going to the WDW parks on Saturday. Near the end of his quote, though, he drops some information that will catch the eyes and ears of many hardcore Disney fans.

“We did all the parks yesterday. We had a guy walking us around. I like that stuff. We saw the makings of Star Wars Land. I can’t wait for that. We didn’t get to go there, but there is Toy Story Land now and one of the rides you can kind of see over the fence into Star Wars Land, and it looks amazing. I wanted to jump over the fence. It opens in December of this year. I might stay down there next year. That would be a good offseason vacation. I will have to go back down.”

Yes, Blaney said that Galaxy’s Edge is opening in “December of this year.”

It’s hard to believe that if Disney actually knew that information, they would let anyone know it. Iger and the rest of those within the company will want to keep that info as private as possible until things are absolutely certain and they’re ready to announce it.

There is always the possibility that Blaney assumes Galaxy’s Edge will open in December as Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20, 2019. A lot of people have made that assumption, but it’s nothing more than an educated guess. The NASCAR driver may have let something slip or he simply may have been jumping the gun, but only time will tell until the Walt Disney World announcement is made.

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