‘RHOBH’ Star Dorit Kemsley Slams Lisa Vanderpump In Blog For ‘Fishy’ And ‘Pre-Planned’ Dog Story

Dorit Kemsley isn’t happy with the way in which Lisa Vanderpump handled the situation surrounding her decision to place her former dog, Lucy, with another family.

In her Bravo TV blog, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star opened up about the “disheartening” situation. Kemsley claimed that she had informed Vanderpump about her decision to give the dog to a woman her husband, PK, knew from work — immediately after the dog left her home.

“I called Lisa immediately after Lucy had left and explained the situation and how it seemed like a harmonious fit,” she wrote.

According to Kemsley, she kept in close touch with Lucy’s new mother in the weeks that followed her adoption. At times, the woman would reportedly send videos and updates of Lucy to her and PK. So, when she suddenly received a phone call from Vanderpump — who informed her that Lucy had been discovered in an animal shelter — she was beyond shocked. Apparently, the woman who was caring for Lucy had suffered a “family emergency,” and was no longer able to keep the dog.

Because Kemsley and her family were so upset and hurt about the way in which this situation played out, she found it “odd” that Vanderpump spoke about the issue so openly with her staff.

“It seems fishy, and dare I say pre-planned, that the conversation would arise while Kyle and Teddi were there as the cameras were rolling,” she noted. “Particularly when it clearly showed that Lisa had the opportunity to stop John Sessa from parading Lucy out and putting the story out there.”

As fans saw during last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kemsley and Vanderpump had lunch at Crustacean with their husbands. During their conversation, Vanderpump repeatedly assured Kemsley that she wasn’t mad about what had happened. She then told Kemsley that the doggy drama had become a hot topic for people at Vanderpump Dogs.

“It made me nervous to think what kind of conversations were happening behind my back about something that was already so hurtful for me, especially in front of someone who wouldn’t have my best interest, namely Teddi,” Kemsley reflected. “I was feeling very apprehensive at lunch and about what was transpiring behind my back.”

To see more of Kemsley and her co-stars, don’t miss the new episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9. The show airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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