‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Sasha’s Squirming, Carly’s Getting News, & Shiloh’s Raising Eyebrows

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode hint that there are some intense conversations on the way. While fans will be anxious to see what comes next for Laura after Monday’s cliffhanger, it appears that most of the action will focus on other characters during this February 19 show.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter suggests that Sasha’s going to be in the hot seat and her scheme with Valentin will surely be exposed soon. General Hospital spoilers reveal that not only will Maxie be trying to set up an opportunity to acquire Sasha’s DNA so she can get the truth about her supposed biological connection to Nina, but Curtis will be asking questions, too.

As viewers will remember, Curtis had been very skeptical about this situation from the beginning. However, once he got the results of two separate DNA tests that he thought couldn’t have been manipulated, he believed that Sasha was Nina’s biological daughter.

Now, however, Curtis seems ready to ask questions again. He’ll tell Sasha that he hopes she’s as genuine as she seems, and Sasha will have to work to keep her cool knowing that she’s not genuine at all. Viewers know that the truth will emerge at some point and General Hospital spoilers tease that the revelation may be coming soon.

Carly told Sonny she’s pregnant and his reaction wasn’t exactly what she’d hoped to see. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the Corinthos couple will head off to the doctor to get official confirmation and Kim will end up taking the appointment.

She Knows Soaps notes that during this episode, Carly will get the proof she needs, and previews have shown Kim telling the couple that they are expecting. That’s the news Carly was hoping for, of course, but they’ll also be anxious to learn more about how risky this pregnancy will be and how healthy the baby seems.

Margaux will be popping up in some way during Tuesday’s episode, oversharing something with someone, and Lulu will be ready to get back to work. She’ll tell someone she’s got an incredible story to share, and she won’t want to just sit at home quietly recovering.

The February 19 show will also feature quite a bit of Shiloh-related action. He’ll tell Sam there’s something that he thinks she needs to see to understand, and General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll be intrigued by whatever he has to share with her.

As Sam continues to develop this relationship, certain she has the upper hand, Drew will approach Jason and want to discuss Shiloh. Jason and Spinelli feel certain that Shiloh is quite dangerous, and Drew will apparently want to join forces with Jason to figure out what the Dawn of Day leader is really up to in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers make it clear that this week will be a wild one and viewers will not want to miss any of the developments that are on the way. Secrets are being exposed, and fans are ready to embrace every wild minute of what’s ahead.

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