Charlize Theron Shows Her Toughness By Taking On An Entire Bar In New Ad

Charlize Theron has had some epic moments on the big screen that show she’s one tough woman. Her latest role has her taking on a rowdy bar in an advertisement for Budweiser set to air during the Oscars, according to People.

Theron has had an incredible career in Hollywood. Her most notable roles were playing the hardcore heroine in Mad Max: Fury Road and the sadistic hacker genius in The Fate of the Furious. Many of her roles show her getting her hands dirty as she goes head to head with both villains and heroes alike.

It’s no surprise then that Budweiser decided to cast her in their advertisement about a lone woman besting a large group of people via various contests and demonstrations of skill.

The ad set to broadcast on February 24 during the Academy Awards is 60 seconds long. Theron is at a bar drinking Budweiser’s Reserve Copper Lager when some guys playing pool get a little rowdy.

Theron leaves the bar to show up the boys and prepares to hand her beer off to someone saying, “Hold my beer,” after a second’s hesitation she changes her mind and hangs onto it. She goes on to best the group in pool, darts, arcade boxing, and finally arm wrestling. Not once during any of these competitions does she lose a drop of her lager, though she does come close at times.

The Reserve Copper Lager was released last August and was meant to commemorate 85 years since Prohibition was lifted.

In addition to filming the beer advertisement, Theron is also starring in the upcoming film Long Shot alongside Seth Rogen, according to a Twitter post she retweeted from Seth Rogen. In the movie, Theron’s character is the secretary of state looking to become president of the United States, and Rogen’s character is a nobody journalist looking to get his big break by joining her team as a political writer.

The two characters know each other from high school and over the course of the movie develop a strong bond, though everyone involved in their lives warns that such a relationship could be disastrous for Theron’s bid to become president.

Like in the Budweiser commercial, Theron displays some tough moments in the movie trailer by carrying people out of a building after a missile strike. It looks funny and a great next step for Theron’s career.

The Budweiser commercial is very entertaining and a great display of Theron’s ability to fill the role of a tough woman. Whether it’s as a top politician of the United States or a lone woman in a bar looking to have a quiet drink, Theron isn’t afraid to face a challenge.

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