Kim Kardashian Nearly Missed Her Valentine’s Day Surprise Because She Was Going To Volunteer

According to Extra, Kim Kardashian almost missed the Valentine’s Day surprise Kanye West had planned for her because she was on her way to volunteer at her daughter’s school.

News about Kim Kardashian’s Valentine’s Day surprise has covered the internet, including an article here at the Inquisitr. The room was full of dozens of roses resting in glass vases and amidst the floral decor was Kenny G, dressed in a black suit and white button up shirt playing “Over The Rainbow” on a soprano saxophone.

The surprise moment was filmed by Kanye West who was thrilled at Kardashian’s reaction to his touching display of love and affection.

Kardashian also revealed that she’s been a long time fan of Kenny G, commenting that he and his wife were one of her first clients for her eBay closet organizing business.

“He is the nicest person ever, and I am so honored that he was in my living room for Valentine’s Day,” she said, gushing about the event.

It was a touching moment and one that Kardashian feels “You can’t really top..”.

Yet as she reveals to Extra‘s reporters the entire romantic event almost didn’t happen and it was for a very touching reason. She was on her way to be the class mom for her daughter’s kindergarten class.

“I was running out the door to go be the class mom for my daughter’s Valentine’s Day. And so I run outside and Kanye’s there… And he’s like, ‘Wait, Babe, come over…’ So he brings me in the living room. And I just see all these roses and Kenny G in my living room and it was so cool and so special.”

It’s not often we hear about celebrities being involved in their kids’ lives, especially on an academic level. But Kardashian shows that even one of the most famous moms on the planet still values her daughter and her education.

While it’s not clear what Kardashian’s responsibilities would have been, typically class moms are in charge of helping the teacher or substitute with various tasks around the classroom, anything from dealing with disruptive children, organizing activities, or leading the kids in clean up time.

It’s hard to imagine the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star assisting with chores such as these, but given how often she fauns over her children on social media, we have the feeling she’d be willing to do anything for her daughter.

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