Are You Ready? – WWE Confirms D-Generation X Going Into Hall Of Fame Class Of 2019

Wrestling fans of the world have been waiting for WWE to announce any inductees for the 2019 class of the Hall of Fame, and they’ve finally delivered. The head of the class for WrestleMania 35 weekend will be a stable that paved the way in the “Attitude Era” and brought tons of shenanigans. It is not too shocking even though their antics were, but it’s a huge deal that D-Generation X is heading into the Hall.

Usually, WWE begins revealing the inductees into the Hall of Fame during January, but here it is halfway through February and there had been none as of yet. On Monday morning, that changed when ESPN confirmed that DX was going to headline the 2019 class and their induction would include all six members.

All six members of the stable will be inducted, and that includes the late Joanie Laurer who fans knew better as Chyna. As reported by Inquisitr, both Chyna’s mother and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman spoke out about her deserving a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame, and now it’s happening.

The stable known as D-Generation X was originally formed by Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Chyna. Over time, it didn’t get much bigger but it did double in size. Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, and X-Pac will all be inducted along with the initial three members who formed DX.

Triple H said that both versions of DX are important to the history of WWF/WWE, and he believes they should all go in together. According to Trips, though, the stable could have looked much different had things not drastically changed with a few departures in the company.

“It’s a funny thing, because DX was something that, before Kevin [Nash] and Scott [Hall] left, at the time we all talked about using ‘The Kliq’ as it was — kind of morphing that into television, since it was so out there anyway. But things worked out the way they did — they left, and the timing was right.

“Shawn and I still wanted to do it. Vince saw the value in it, I guess, and finally let us go at it. By that point in time I was looking for a heater, and we had brought Chyna.”

While many feel as if Chyna’s induction is well-deserved, it’s also believed that it is long overdue. Chyna parted ways with WWE back in 2001 and she never worked with them again before her death in April of 2016.

One other interesting thing is that Billy Gunn is now working behind the scenes for the new All Elite Wrestling promotion. He was a huge part of DX as a member of the New Age Outlaws with Road Dogg as they won the WWF/WWE Tag Team Championship on a number of occasions.

As reported by Inquisitr, the Hart Foundation was expected to be announced as inductees in 2019 as well. It not yet known if that will still happen.

D-Generation X will always go down as one of the most popular stables in wrestling history, and it was only a matter of time until they ended up in the WWE Hall of Fame. With the official announcement being made, 2019 is going to be the year that they break it down.

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