Tom Green Fans Want Him Back On Television After ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Success

Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 is good and gone and this year’s houseguests are now adjusting to life back in the real world. This means going back to their normal jobs and back to training for major events like the Olympics. Some fans of the show were so happy with some of the celebrities that appeared this season that they’re begging for more of them. One such celeb who’s enjoying some added attention is actor and comedian Tom Green, who made it to the final six before being evicted.

Green ended up winning the honor of America’s Favorite Houseguest, which earned him a $25,000 prize. His victory came as no surprise, since the Road Trip actor was on the top of favorite houseguest polls across the internet, as the Inqusitir previously reported on.

Fans have taken to Twitter to beg companies and streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, or Crackle to give Green a stand-up special or a new television series. Back in 1994, he began his own series, The Tom Green Show (not The Green Tom Show), which originally aired in Canada and then moved to the United States, as the comedian became vastly popular with Americans.

Green ended the show after his diagnosis with testicular cancer, which the comedian discussed with his roommates on this season of Celebrity Big Brother. The Tom Green Show was way ahead of its time and was like nothing else on television at the time. Old and new fans of the Canadian are hitting up social media to ask for some sort of variety show featuring their favorite houseguest.

“Can I just say it was nice to see @tomgreenlive back in TV. Can we get Tom Green back on TV for a sitcom or a movie again please?” one fan tweeted.

Tom has interacted with several of the fans on Twitter who are hoping he ends up on television again, and has commented that he would love to be back on TV, as well as thanking his fans for the support.

Other suggestions fans have thrown out there is a possible television show or podcast featuring Tom and his ride-or-die alliance member from Celebrity Big Brother, Kato Kaelin. The two men were dubbed “Tomato” for their close bond over the season and fans just couldn’t get enough of their silly antics.

“Right?!?! I wanna them to do a talk show or a podcast at the very least,” another fan tweeted about Tom and Kato. “We need more Tomato! Maybe call the talk show Catch-up with Tomato?”

It seems no matter in what capacity, fans are ready for some more Tom Green in their lives.

Big Brother Season 21 returns this June on CBS. Julie Chen is set to return as host.

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