‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Tayshia Blows Colton’s Mind In Episode 7, Throws Doubt On Cassie & Caelynn’s Intentions

A new preview for Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor reveals key spoilers regarding what causes a lot of angst and chaos during the February 18 show. Tayshia Adams gets a one-on-one with Colton Underwood in Denver, but she takes a bit of time away from her personal connection-building to warn her beau about a couple of other ladies.

Access Online shared the sneak peek into Episode 7 that reveals the discussion that leaves Colton reeling. Viewers had seen a tease from Tayshia in Episode 6, suggesting that she might take it upon herself to spill some tea, and she does just that in Denver.

The sneak peek begins with Cassie and Caelynn chatting with one another about this situation. As they talk, Miller-Keyes says that at least, thank goodness, the other women who have talked to Colton about this haven’t named names.

Much of this chaos is tied to a conversation that Cassie and Caelynn seemingly had while filming in Thailand. The chat led the women who overheard the conversation to question whether Randolph and Miller-Keyes are really on the show for Underwood, and it looks like Colton will finally hear some specifics about what was supposedly said.

As the Inquisitr had previously shared, Tayshia and Colton seem to have a great date together in Denver. They share lots of laughs and seem to connect well, but Bachelor spoilers have hinted that she would also blow Underwood’s mind with some scoops on some of her fellow bachelorettes.


Adams doesn’t mince words when she tackles this topic with Underwood. The Bachelor spoilers detail that Tayshia will tell Colton that she has heard that Cassie and Caelynn were talking about being the next Bachelorette, and that neither of them think they’ll be ready for an engagement at the end of this experience.

The sneak peek then cuts to Colton by himself outside the restaurant, clearly stressed out over what he’s just heard. Underwood admits that until he heard this, he didn’t have any questions for Miller-Keyes or Randolph about their intentions. Now, however, he does.


This conversation between Colton and Tayshia will cause a lot of chaos throughout the rest of Episode 7. Underwood will ask questions about what he heard, and other Bachelor spoilers shared via the Inquisitr have detailed that Randolph, in particular, will blast some of her fellow bachelorettes for bringing this up.

By the end of Episode 7, Colton Underwood will have said goodbye to three more bachelorettes and will have chosen his hometown date recipients. The Bachelor spoilers hint that this bombshell from Tayshia will continue to wreak havoc as the rest of the season plays out, and fans should brace themselves for a wild ride.