Cameron Monaghan’s Name Appears On ‘Shameless’ Season 9 Finale Cast List

Technically, Cameron Monaghan announced that he was leaving Shameless during the first half of Season 9. The mid-season finale was supposed to be the actor’s final episode in the role of Ian Gallagher. Fortunately for fans who weren’t ready to see the actor go, that isn’t exactly how it ended up working out.

As those who have seen the first half of Season 9 know, they wrote the character out of the show by sending him off to jail following his stint as Gay Jesus that involved blowing up a vehicle. In the final moments of what was intended to be his final episode, Monaghan is reunited with Mickey (Noel Fisher), where fans get to watch one final “Gallavich” kiss.

As Inquisitr previously reported, when the Showtime series was renewed for Season 10, Monaghan had gone back on his decision to leave the series and would be returning to revive his role as Ian for the new season.

While fans desperately want Noel Fisher to also return so the relationship between he and Cameron’s character can continue to bloom, Monaghan clarified that while he was open to the idea, it was ultimately his co-star’s decision on whether or not to return to the show.

Unfortunately for those who are enjoying Season 9 of Shameless, the end of the season is fast approaching. As the promo for next week’s episode reminded fans, there are just three episodes of Season 9 remaining.

While there isn’t a synopsis available for the Season 9 finale as of yet, IMDb has revealed the title of the episode is called “Found.” IMDb also has none other than Cameron Monaghan’s name listed in the cast credits for the finale episode. Could Ian be returning for the Season 9 finale to see Emmy Rossum – who plays the role of Fiona – off during her final episode of the series?

At this time, there is no way to know for sure if the mentioning of Monaghan in the cast list means he will make an appearance, as IMDb has been known to contain errors before. However, it also can’t be ruled out. It was very early on in Season 9 that fans noticed Noel Fisher’s name popping up in the cast list for Season 9 and started to become hopeful that the actor would make an appearance.

Many fans also noticed Justin Chatwin’s name had popped up in the IMDb credits for Season 9 of Shameless and wondered if he would be making an appearance in Rossum’s final episode. Unfortunately, his name does not appear in the cast list of the final episode, so that fan theory is growing less and less likely.

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