‘General Hospital’ Fans Excited Of A Possible Kristen Alderson Return After Suspicious Tweet

A Valentine’s Day message from former General Hospital star Kristen Alderson has fans full of anticipation of a possible return for the actress. On Thursday, she hinted on social media about something fun she is doing, but she isn’t indulging the information just yet.

Posting on Twitter, Alderson first wished everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. Then she gave her fans a sweet gift by saying that she was doing something fun, teasing that it had to do with General Hospital. The former One Life To Live star asked if anyone had any guesses as to what that could be.

There was plenty of excitement to go around after her Twitter post, with lots of speculation as to what she meant. Could it be an indication that she is heading back to General Hospital soon? Fans sure think so. They are hoping that she is reprising her role as Starr Manning, as indicated by their replies to Alderson’s tweet. Others think that another twin story might be fun, with some bringing up Kiki Jerome’s long lost twin.

Kristen Alderson was last seen on the ABC soap in 2015. At the time, Alderson played the role of Kiki Jerome, which has since been taken over by actress Hayley Erin. It almost seems logical for Alderson to reprise this character — that is if Kiki wasn’t just killed off by serial killer Ryan Chamberlain.

However, before that, Alderson was cast as Starr Manning, the same character from former ABC soap One Life To Live. GH had to eventually cast Starr aside because of the Prospect Park lawsuit. That has since been settled, so the actress could very well return to her role as Starr Manning.

Of course, Alderson may not be hinting at a return to the soap at all. Or it could also be that she is back for just a few days, not necessarily a full return. Whatever it is, she seems to be quite excited about it, and so are her fans.

Kristen Alderson has been a fan-favorite since she was quite young. Not unlike actress and director, Kimberly McCullough, who grew up on General Hospital, Alderson did the same with a fifteen-year-long stint on One Life To Live. Viewers love to see them back whenever possible.

Whatever the exciting news may bring, here’s hoping that Alderson won’t keep everyone in suspense for too long. Keep checking back to see what she has in store.

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