‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Cameron Is Angry, More Trouble Ahead For The Teen

Cameron got way in over his head a few weeks ago on ABC’s General Hospital. He has already had his day in court after getting caught trying to buy some pot to help Oscar when he was going through his extensive cancer treatments. After the judge ruled that community service and counseling would be the best route to go with the teen, Cam promised the judge that he would stay out of trouble to keep this incident off his record.

Unfortunately, it looks like something will happen that will threaten Cam’s vow to stay clean. According to Soap Central, he will lose his temper during the week of February 18 and that could be very bad. General Hospital spoilers just hinted that he will be bothered by something, but it didn’t clearly indicate exactly what he will be so upset about.

However, there is one thing that is happening in his life that may be the cause of his unruliness. His mom, Elizabeth, just married Franco while he was still being held at the PCPD for being the serial killer that has been terrorizing Port Charles for months now. Liz knows that he is innocent. However, her world will be rocked this coming week when her new husband will be confessing to the crimes.

This will all be a ploy that Jordan cooked up to try to lure the real killer come out of hiding, hoping that he messes up. Of course, Ryan Chamberlain is the real serial killer, but no one yet knows his true identity. Laura is about to find out when she heads to Ferncliff and eventually finds her real husband.

Cameron had a confrontation with Liz last week after Franco got arrested. He got into a fight at school because of Franco. He doubted his soon-to-be stepdad then, and once he finds out that Franco confessed to the murders, he will understandably be quite upset. And he will be doubly angry that his mother went ahead and married the man who could very well be a killer.

While the General Hospital spoilers don’t come right out and say that this is the reason that the boy flares his temper, it sure is leaning that way. This could lead him to do something that will jeopardize his future. The teen has had it rough lately with his feelings toward Joss, Oscar’s grim prognosis, and his little brother, Aiden, being bullied. Now his new stepdad is being charged with murder.

Will Cam be able to stay out of trouble for the long haul? Keep watching General Hospital in the coming days to see how far he will go when he gets angry.

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