You Can Hunt Bigfoot With Jose Canseco For $5,000

Controversial former baseball star Jose Canseco recently destroyed a perfectly good telephone number when he posted to Twitter inviting fans to call in, promising “I’ll show you Bigfoot and a real alien” and providing a phone number, which is no longer answering and has a full voicemail box, Fox News reports.

The offer, part of an increasingly bizarre series of Twitter posts ranging recently from UFOs to time travel, apparently refers to a “Bigfoot and Alien Excursion” that will be offered in limited capacity to five buyers for the cost of $5,000 each, as confirmed by Canseco’s manager and girlfriend, Morgan Strelow.

Canseco in another tweet promised that buyers would experience a Twilight Zone experience of “pure imagination,” among other bizarre hints at that could be involved in a Canseco-guided encounter comprising bigfoot and/or aliens.

After contacting the listed number, which is now deactivated, a number of individuals and media outlets later received a text message reading, in part, “Only 5 lucky individuals will get a golden ticket. Oompa loompas ain’t got nothing on Bigfoot. Travel in his custom RV… You never know what’s gonna happen with Mr. Canseco.”

As potentially compelling as conspiracy theorists and cryptid enthusiasts, large woodland mammals and alien life forms are fairly mundane compared to other recent topics of interest for Canseco.

Earlier this year, he claimed to be in contact with clients made up of “a very flexible body composition” who were sharing with him the secrets of time travel. Canseco has tweeted candidly about the logistics time travel would entail, citing specifics about the toll it would take on the human body and the requirement that the brain “physical travel without the body.” He at the time cited an oddly specific 42,651 pounds of pressure that would be applied to a time traveler.

Canseco’s Twitter account has caught the attention of, if not aliens, at least the social media community recently, with plenty of people weighing in on the former slugger’s bizarre and unexpected messages. In 2018, Canseco made the case for himself to take on the role as chief of staff to President Donald Trump, in a quickly viral tweet that was both oddly worded and generally insulting to the president.

“Hey little buddy @realDonaldTrump u need a bash brother for Chief if Staff. Got a secret reorg plan already. Also worried about you looking more like a Twinkie everyday. I will buff you up daily workouts. DM me. #yeswecanseco,” he tweeted.

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